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Art No | MXV102
Moxi V Gold Standard Cell Counts, Cell Size & Viability

The Moxi V delivers the uniquely powerful combination of Coulter Principle (electric impedance) cell sizing with simultaneous fluorescence to provide the most accurate cell counts, size, and viability in an affordable, easy-to-use format.

With typical CVs of 2-3% on all measured parameters, the Moxi V easily outperforms all other instruments in this class. If your lab requires precision and accuracy for COVID-19 studies, PMBC analysis, CAR T expansion, or routine Cell QC, the Moxi V is your machine.

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Art No | MXG113
Moxi Go II Flow Cytometer | 488nm laser

You’re about to look at Cell QC in a whole new way.

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Art No | NI003
Namo Single Cell Dispenser

Effortless single cell sorting for Single Cell Genomics & Cell Line Development.

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Art No | NI004
Hana Single Cell Dispenser

Dispenses single cells into 96-well plate in less than 1 minute.
Captures 1 in 100 million cells in 5 minutes.

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