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Art No | 1511 7100 1
FUSION SOLO 6S EDGE - Chemiluminescence Imaging System

The Fusion Solo S is the ideal system for laboratories that need to find an alternative to their film for Western blot imaging.

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Art No | 1511 1200 1
FUSION FX6 EDGE Imaging System


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Art No | 1511 0200 1
FUSION FX7 EDGE Imaging System

ONE CLICK TO THE IMAGE - The FUSION FX7 Imaging System has been designed for maximum ease of use with license free software for image acquisition, editing and quantification. Ideal for CHEMILUMINESCENCE & FLUORESCENCE Imaging.

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Art No | 1511 1350 1
FUSION FX7 SPECTRA Multispectral Imaging System

Multispectral Imaging -Up to 7 excitations channels in the IR, NIR visible RGB and UV area.

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