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from 256.00 CHF
from 251.00 CHF
Art No | CFT111500
50mL Centrifuge Tubes, flat cap, self-standing

Size: 500 pcs.

Self-standing Centrifuge Tubes in re-sealable bags

257.00 CHF
Art No | CFT611500
50mL Centrifuge Tubes sterile, Plug seal cap, self-standing

Size: 50/500 bag/case

257.00 CHF
from 125.00 CHF
Art No | CFT926500
50mL High Performance Centrifuge tubes sterile, self-stand

Size: 50/500 bag/case

246.00 CHF
from 221.00 CHF
Art No | CFT927500
50mL High Performance Centrifuge tubes, self-stand

Size: 50/500 bag/case

243.00 CHF
from 221.00 CHF

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