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8'540.00 CHF
8'390.00 CHF
Art No | SI500
Shaking incubator

Combined incubator shaker

6'620.00 CHF
Art No | SI30H
Hybridisation Incubator

Compact design

5'070.00 CHF
Art No | SI505
Incubator microtitre shaker

Ideal shaking action for microtitre plates

3'740.00 CHF
1'830.00 CHF
Art No | I5311-DS-230V
Shaking incubator, Model 311DS
6'570.00 CHF
Art No | I5211-DS-230V
Shaking Incubator, Model 211DS
5'560.00 CHF
Art No | I-5222-DS-230V
222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator
3'690.00 CHF
Art No | SI60D
Acrylic incubator, digital

Full visibility of samples

3'500.00 CHF
Art No | SI19
Microtitre plate incubator

Compact unit

3'440.00 CHF
Art No | SI60
Acrylic incubator, analogue

Full visibility of samples

3'250.00 CHF
2'980.00 CHF
Art No | S2050A-230V sale
VorTemp 1550 Shaking Incubator complete w/ 15ml and 50ml tube adapters

Save 35% on this demo system. As long as stocks last.

3'620.00 CHF 2'379.00 CHF
580.00 CHF
Art No | SHT1-30-1
Block, 30mm holes
210.00 CHF
Art No | SHT1-33
Block, 33mm holes
210.00 CHF

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