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Protein purification in under an hour instead of days with AmMag™  - a magnetic bead-based, high-quality and affordable protein and antibody purification platform.


GenScript's AmMag™ SA automates the protein or antibody purification using magnetic beads. The instrument is capable of using 6-well deep well culture plates or 50 mL tubes. In combination with antibody or recombinant protein binding magnetic beads the system offers a high throughput with a high capacity.

  • Purifies up to 12 samples at a time
  • Sample volumes from 5mL to 50mL
  • Up to 80mg of protein or antibody per sample
  • Typical sample time for 12 samples is less than 40 minutes

The instrument features an integrated touchscreen and is controlled via its user-friendly software interface. The closed environment minimizes the chance of endotoxin contamination during purification.

Eliminate the need for centrifugation and filtration

The AmMag™ SA utilizes magnetic beads for purification. Since magnetic beads are free-flowing, cells and debris from cultures do not prevent them from binding target protein and antibodies. This eliminates the need to clear cultures by centrifugation and filtration prior to binding with magnetic beads.

Complete washing and elution process automatically

After cultures have expressed the desired proteins or antibodies, magnetic beads are added to bind the targets. After this step, the cultures are transferred to 50 mL tubes and then moved to AmMag™ SA. The automated washing and elution steps purify the target proteins and antibodies from the magnetic beads.

Closed environment to minimize endotoxin contamination

The AmMag™ SA is equipped with air filters to clean incoming air, and further maintains a positive air flow through the instrument. These features prevent airborne endotoxins from entering the system and contaminating samples. To clean the instrument between runs, all tubing can be flushed and incubated for up to an hour with 0.1 N NaOH.

Use with larger samples (few litres)

The AmMag™ SA contains adapters for entering samples in 15 mL and 50 mL tubes. However, larger samples can be easily purified using the AmMag™ SA by simply collecting the magnetic beads from these samples after the binding step, and transferring the beads into 50 ml or 15 ml tubes. To help collect magnetic beads from larger samples, we provide the AmMag™ Wand and the AmMag™ Block.


The magic of AmMag™ magnetic beads

The main advantage of using magnetic beads for protein purification is that it does not require the repetitive centrifugation and filtration or column packing steps typical of other methods, so the process is quick and convenient.

For intracellular proteins, a mixture of cell lysate and beads is briefly incubated, allowing the antibody or other protein to bind the beads, and then the target is washed off the beads using a dedicated magnetic separation device or instrument. For secreted proteins, the beads can even be added directly to the cell cultures without affecting cell viability, so the binding can already occur during protein expression.

GenScript’s AmMag™ Protein A Magnetic Beads are designed for purifying antibodies.

The beads have a very high binding capacity – over 40 mg/ml – so each purification uses fewer beads, saving costs.

The beads are supplied in a 25% slurry and can be re-used 30-40 times – many times more than others on the market. The AmMag™ Protein A beads are also alkaline-resistant and can withstand rigorous cleaning procedures while maintaining low endotoxin levels.

For purifying polyhistidine-tagged (His-tagged) proteins under native or denaturing conditions, GenScript offers AmMag™ Ni Magnetic Beads.

These beads are resistant to metal ion-binding molecules and can be regenerated using sodium hydroxide.

They are supplied in a 25% slurry and can be reused more than 100 times. The highly uniform bead size ensures reproducible results, and the gentle sample handling procedures minimize protein degradation.


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Art No | L00695-4
AmMag™ Protein A Magnetic Beads - alkaline stable | >40 mg human IgG

Size: 4mL (25% slurry)

GenScript AmMagTM Protein A Magnetic Beads are super paramagnetic beads with average diameter of 50 µm, covalently coated with alkali tolerant protein A.

830.00 CHF
830.00 CHF
Art No | L00723
AmMag™ MR magnetic rack

GenScript provides magnetic racks that help you purify proteins from small scale (≤ 2 mL), midi-scale (2 – 15 mL) and large-scale (15- 50 mL) cell cultures and lysates. These modular magnetic racks allow fast protein purification while simplifying the procedure.

1'960.00 CHF
1'960.00 CHF
Art No | L00776-4
AmMag™ Ni Magnetic beads 10mg 6xHis-tagged protein (27 kD)

Size: 4mL (25% slurry)

GenScript's AmMagTM Ni Magnetic Beads are optimized for quick and efficient purification of polyhistidine-tagged proteins under native as well as denaturing conditions.

690.00 CHF
690.00 CHF

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