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Advansta Inc.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Menlo Park, California, Advansta accelerates life science research by developing and supplying novel protein characterization tools that offer superior performance, simplicity,and convenience.

Advansta’s mission is to be the leading developer and supplier of products for protein characterization.

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Andor Microscopy

Andor are global leaders in the development and manufacture of high performance scientific digital cameras, microscopy systems and spectrographs for academic, industrial and government applications. Through continuous dialogue with their customers and strong teamwork they continue to innovate ground-breaking products, improving the world in which we live.

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AZENTA - BioCision

BioCision is a life science research and development company that standardizes processes from lab to patient and is part of the Azenta UK Ltd. (formerly Brooks). Their award-winning products enable researchers, clinicians and manufacturers to protect temperature-sensitive therapeutics, biological samples and biomaterials. By addressing temperature stability, BioCision strives to improve the success of therapeutic discovery and enable effective care delivery.

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BioEcho Life Sciences GmbH

BioEcho believes that even the most routine molecular biology protocols can be improved. By searching for novel ideas providing clear advantages over conventional methodology, BioEcho aims to develop innovative products that drastically improve the quality, convenience and speed of standard molecular biology protocols in areas such as genomics, transcriptomics, next generation sequencing, biobanking, forensics, pathology, veterinary and food research, as well as industrial, medical and academic research.

BioEcho: inhibitor-free DNA purification process
BioEcho follows a completely new approach: based on the principle of reverse chromatography, the DNA remains untouched and doesn’t have to bind. The technology works under native conditions – potential inhibitory process reagents are not in use and, thus, don’t have to be removed. Any unwanted sample-derived contaminant is bound and eliminated by the column. The result is pure DNA by only one centrifugtion step. By means of this simplified procedure, you get an absolutly inhibitor-free PCR template.

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Bioer Technology Co. Ltd., Bioer manufactures market leading Thermal Cyclers, Real-time PCR Instruments & Nucleic Acid Extractors.

With the development for 12 years, BIOER has become the largest PCR instruments and related equipments supplier in Asia area, and also become one of the world's largest supplier of PCR instruments. BIOER has established an extensive worldwide sales network. Its products are sold to the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, and so on. BIOER has established comprehensive and good relations of cooperation with many PCR manufactories in Europe and America.

With the business philosophy as "Diligent, Determined, Pioneering, Excellent", BIOER make every effort to establish a sound quality management system, and has won Germany's TUV ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications successively.

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The Company's philosophy is to develop modern exciting personal products for sample preparation in the field of genomics, proteomics and cellomics. The latest trends are the result of diagnostics technology shifting on a level of detection of bio-polymorphism of genetic, metabolitic and cell diseases.

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BTX has been at the forefront of electroporation technology since they introduced the first commercially available electroporator in 1983. For over 30 years, they have made it their priority to focus only on electroporation and electrofusion. This focus has allowed us to develop the experience and expertise to supply you with a broad selection of innovative in vivo and in vitro tools to advance your research.

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GenScript Biotech Corp. is the world leader in biotechnology reagent service industry. Established in 2002 in New Jersey, United States, the company was the first to commercialize gene synthesis and successfully establish fully integrated capabilities for custom peptide synthesis, protein expression and engineering, custom antibody development and engineering, animal model development, in vitro/in vivo pharmacology as well as a variety of catalogue products, industrial enzymes and microbial reagents.

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Hoefer will discontinue the manufacture and sale of the entire Hoefer range as per 15th September 2022.

Hoefer will also provide consumables for the product lines to ensure you continue to use the systems you have, for as long as material stays available.

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Jet Biofil

Guangzhou Jet Bio-Filtration Co., Ltd. was found in 2001 and is a well-known company in China involving R&D, manufacturing and sales of laboratory consumable products.It covers an area of 22,468㎡ in the scenic Science City. So far, the company has distributors in more than 50 countries all around the world.

Its main products include laboratory consumables (pipettes, tissue culture products, centrifuge tubes, filtration products etc...), analyzer, lab equipment, reagent and culture medium, which have all been certified by ISO 9001/13485 and CE quality management system.

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Labnet International

Founded in 1984, Labnet International started with the basic mission of supplying high quality, utility, and value to bioscience research laboratories. They have maintained that mission for over 30 years, and combined it with a focused effort on growing their business through new product introductions.
Today, Labnet International is a leading worldwide supplier in a number of core product areas: centrifugation, liquid handling, shakers and rockers, constant temperature equipment, and laboratory plastics. Their well established brands which include Spectrafuge, BioPette, Enduro, AccuBlock, and MultiGene are recognized internationally as reliable and effective bioresearch tools.

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Levitas Bio

LevitasBio is unlocking a new dimension in cellular analysis.

Their mission is to advance science and human health by providing researchers with a new and powerful method of cellular analysis. While the last decade has seen tremendous advancement in analytical tools for genomics and proteomics such as next-generation sequencing, single cell genomics, and even phenotypic imaging down to single-cell resolution, there had been no innovation in the sample preparation and cellular analysis market for decades – until now.

At LevitasBio, they are delivering the first truly novel approach to cellular analysis in 30 years. Their proprietary label-free levitation technology enable researchers to rescue and achieve higher quality and quantity of cells without introducing bias, high pressure, and modifications to gene expression profiles, ensuring the integrity of downstream data and analysis is maintained.

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MGI Tech Latvia

MGI is a leading producer of clinical high-throughput gene sequencers and automation platforms with a vision to lead life science through Intelligent innovation. MGI takes pride in its ability to develop and manufacture a full spectrum of instruments, ranging from low to extra-high throughput genetic sequencers, accelerating scientific breakthroughs for our scientists.

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NanoEntek Inc.

NanoenTek, Inc. is a Korea-based company mainly engaged in the manufacture of biotechnology research equipment and medical equipment. The Company’s products consist of Countess, ADAM and Tali, which are cell counting systems; JuLI, which are fluorescence microscopes, and chips, which are consumables of cell counting systems. It also provides diagnostic medical equipment, such as Frend systems, which are quantitative immunoassay analyzing devices; DAM-rWBC, an analytical device for counting the number of residual white blood cells (rWBCs) in leukoreduced blood products, and others.

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Nicoya Lifesciences Inc.

Nicoya is made up of 50+ passionate and talented engineers, scientists, and designers who have extensive experience working at the forefront of nanotechnology, biochemistry, and optical sensors. Located in the heart of Canada’s Silicon Valley, Nicoya is proud to call Kitchener-Waterloo it’s home base and is globally helping scientists succeed in over 40 countries.

"At Nicoya, our mission is to improve human life by helping scientists succeed. Many of us have been impacted by diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Globally, there are millions of researchers (like yourself!) who are working relentlessly to better understand these diseases and we are here to help."

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Orflo Technologies

Orflo Technologies is a life sciences company developing and marketing powerful yet simple instrumentation to the cell and protein analysis industries. At the core of Orflo’s instrumentation is a patent protected µFlow Cell Cassette. Through the unique combination of impedance (Coulter Principle) and fluorescence based flow Cytometry Orflo’s instruments provide an informative and intuitive window into cell analysis by directly measuring fluorescence and cell volume simultaneously. This coupled with the industry leading ease of use, affordability, elimination of all fluidics and maintenance will enable a significant increase in the pace of experimentation, testing and ultimately discovery.

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PCR Biosystems

PCR Biosystems, a UK-based company, offers a range of best-in-class kits and reagents for PCR and related technology. By combining the enhanced polymerases with highly developed reaction buffers and novel chemistry PCR Biosystems is leading the development of PCR. The PCR reagents have been developed to maximise yield and sensitivity in the simplest and most challenging of reactions.

The portfolio covers a broad range of applications including, real-time PCR, endpoint PCR, high fidelity PCR, hot start PCR, long PCR, PCR direct from crude samples and molecular diagnostic PCR.

All PCR Biosystems products have undergone comprehensive competitor product comparisons. On average they outperform all competitors in yield, specificity, sensitivity and speed.

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Poietis, a France based biotechnology company, is ­specialized in the development and manufacturing of ­human tissues by 4D bioprinting.

On the basis of its expertise in bioprinting ­technologies and in particular high resolution ­laser bioprinting, Poietis has also developed the ­multimodal bioprinting platform NGB (« Next ­Generation Bioprinting »). NGB platform aims to give ­tissue engineers and researchers ­greater ­freedom in the choice of biomaterials and ­hydrogels and ­greater versatility in their research and ­development.

The bioprinting technology of Poietis, whose ­company is licensed exclusively and worldwide, is the result of an innovative research ­conducted for ten years by Inserm and the University of ­Bordeaux. Poietis won the iLab competition in 2014, is the winner of the World Innovation Challenge, Phase I in 2016, and Phase II in 2017, and won the Ernst & Young Disruptive Strategy Award in 2018.

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SensoQuest GmbH

SensoQuest GmbH was founded in 2005. The team of physicists, engineers and biologists has more than 20 years experience in the thermocycler market. The Labcycler Basic and Gradient with the Thermoblocks 48, 96, and 384 were launched in 2005, followed by the smallest Triple Block system in 2008. The Labcycler 48 was launched in 2010. This small system is optimal for personal use and has 4 versions with aluminium and silver blocks. All Thermocyclers were produced in Goettingen.

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Sistemas Genomicos

Sistemas Genómicos is the first major Spanish firm to specialise in genetic sequencing with almost two decades of experience in the field of molecular biology and genetics, with specialisation in techniques aimed at the fields of healthcare, food and agriculture and research.

Sistemas Genómicos is the only laboratory on an international level that is certified to provide genetic analysis and diagnosis services during the entire human life cycle, working from gametes to embryos in the prenatal section, then from postnatal right up to death.

Sistemas Genómicos has a broad background in cutting-edge research and studies. Furthermore, they are actively collaborate on numerous national and international R+D+i projects with the aim of making the latest advances in genomics and genetics available to society and the medical and research communities.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science with approximately 65,000 employees globally. Their mission is to enable their customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. The NanoDrop 1000 original UV-Vis microvolume spectrophotometer was launched in 2001. The NanoDrop Spectrophotometers were integrated in the Thermo Fisher Scientific Business in 2007. The NanoDrop family has a new member since 2016, the NanoDrop One.

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Vilber Lourmat S.A.

Founded in 1954, Vilber is a leader in the molecular imaging sector, and has equipped more than 20,000 laboratories worldwide. An estimated 60.000 people use our products every day in over 100 countries worldwide. VILBER has pioneered the post electrophoresis market and introduced breakthrough products such as stand-alone gel-documentation, Bio-1D imaging software, Super-Bright UV technology, dedicated chemiluminescence imaging system and 3D approach to 1D gel analysis.

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