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Art No | A4000D
Aquatron® A4000D water still, 4L/hr, double distilled

Output 4 litres per hour double distilled water for higher purity levels.

8'870.00 CHF
Art No | A8000
Aquatron® A8000 water still, 8L/hr, single distilled

A8000 output 8 litres per hour single distilled water, suits a larger laboratory.

8'870.00 CHF
Art No | A4000
Aquatron® A4000 water still, 4L/hr, single distilled

The Stuart Aquatron Water Still A4000 by Cole Parmer produces four litres of single distilled water in one hour.

5'630.00 CHF
3'310.00 CHF
Art No | W4000
Merit W4000 water still

The Merit is the ideal choice for budget conscious laboratories.

1'840.00 CHF

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