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Art No | 108700
Hyperion™ Imaging System

Comprises Hyperion Tissue Imager, Helios Mass Cytometer, Computer and Software

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Art No | 107001
Helios, a CyTOF® System

Unprecedented insight into biological systems with the world’s most powerful mass cytometer

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Art No | JS1000S
JuLI™ Stage

Automated Cell Imaging System

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Art No | 452050
ECM 2001+ Electrofusion & Electroporation System

Powerful multi-purpose system providing fast, efficient cell fusion in hybridoma production, hybrid cell formation and nuclear transfer applications, as well as square wave electroporation for transfecting genes and other molecules into mammalian cell lines

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Art No | 470300N
Hybrimune Hybridoma Production System

Advanced electrofusion system for fast, efficient cell fusion in hybridoma production, hybrid cell formation or dendritic-tumor cell fusions

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Art No | 450013INT
ECM 2001 Electroporation System Complete

The ECM 2001 multi-purpose electro cell manipulation generator produces a proprietary AC waveform for electrophoretic alignment of cells and a square DC waveform for cell fusion.

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Art No | MXG103
Moxi Go II (TM)
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Art No | MXZ002
Moxi Z Automated Cell Counter

Produce repeatable cell counts with >95% accuracy in just 8 seconds.

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Art No | 17431.01
GMP Cell Isolation Kit AF-1

Size: 1 Kit

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5'450.00 CHF
Art No | 17457.01
Collagenase AF-1 GMP Grade from Clostridium histolyticum

World's first animal free GMP Grade Collagenase.

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Art No | DHC-N01
C-Chips Neubauer improved - 20 Boxes à 50 pcs | 2000 tests

Size: 20 Boxes à 50 pcs. - 2000 tests

2'250.00 CHF

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