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Art No | 108700
Hyperion™ Imaging System

Comprises Hyperion Tissue Imager, Helios Mass Cytometer, Computer and Software

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Art No | 107001
Helios, a CyTOF® System

Unprecedented insight into biological systems with the world’s most powerful mass cytometer

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Art No | MXG103
Moxi Go II (TM)
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Art No | 3164019A
Anti-Human CCR10 (314305)-164Dy 50 Tests

Each lot of conjugated antibody is quality control tested by CyTOF® analysis of stained cells using the appropriate positive and negative cell staining and/or activation controls.

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Art No | JS1000S
JuLI™ Stage

Automated Cell Imaging System

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Art No | MXF003
Moxi Flow Smart Flow Cytometer

Introducing the Worlds First “Smart Flow Cytometer™”

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Art No | JULI-FLG04
JuLI™ FL (GFP, Single set)
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Art No | ADAM-MC
ADAM™ Automated Cell Counter

main Device including Accuchip 4x Kit (max 800 tests) with Accustain Solution

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