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All Vilber's radiometers use a silicon photo-electric sensor for a direct measurement of the UV intesity and thus do not convert UV into visible light.


Vilber radiometers record the intensity of ultraviolet radiation for a specific UV wavelength (long wave, short wave, medium wave).

The intensity of UV radiation refers to the UV intensity and is measured in mW/cm2. The VLX-3W radiometer indicates the amount of UV energy on a surface for a specific time. The data is defined in mJ/cm2 (milli-Joule per square centimeter). Small and convenient, the VLX-3W radiometer is of modular construction with a choice of three sensors to record UV radiation in the spectral range from 254nm to 365nm. With a wide measuring range from 0.1 to 250 mW/cm2, our radiometers instantly indicate readings on a large LCD display.

Depending on the spectral range to be measured, a suitable sensor is attached to the VLX-3W base unit:

  • Silicon photocell for direct measurement of UV radiation. No conversion to visible light is required.
  • Interference filter to select the appropriate UV band and eliminate other unwanted radiation.
  • Not sensitive to infrared.
  • No electronic components in the sensor to avoid any temperature disparity.
  • Protection by quartz disc on cellular filter
  • Carbon shielded cable (1 meter)
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Designed to operate at 254 nm, 312 nm or 365 nm
  • Independent sensor (purchased separately) for each wavelength


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  • Display of UV intensity in mW/cm2
  • Display of energy in Joules/cm2 and running time
  • HOLD – Sets the reading at a given time
  • Displays min and max intensities
  • USB port for data output
Measuring Range
  • Intensity : 0 à 250mW/cm2
  • Energy : 0 à 99999 joules/cm2
  • Time : from 0 to 99 hours

Énergie : Auto-gamme d’affichage

  • 1ère gamme : 0,0000 à 9,9999 mJ/cm2
  • 2ème gamme : 0,01 à 250,00 mW/cm2
  • 3ème gamme : 100,00 à 999,99 mJ/cm2
    4ème gamme : 1000,0 à 9999,9 mJ/cm2
    5ème gamme : 10000 à 99999 mJ/cm2

Intensité :

  • 1ère gamme : 0,001 à 99,999 mW/cm2
  • 2ème gamme : 0,01 à 250,00 mW/cm2
  • Sensor accuracy : +/- 5%
  • Linearity : +/- 0.5%
  • Silica photocell – interference filter
  • Protection by quartz disc on cellular filter
Short Wave UV Sensor

SX-254 sensor, 254 nm short-wave UV.
Monochromatic bandwidth

Mid Wave UV Sensor

SX-3124 sensor, 312 nm medium wave UV.
Bandwidth: 280 to 320 nm

Long Wave UV Sensor

SX-365 sensor, 365 nm longwave UV.
Bandwidth: 355 to 375 nm


VLX-3W Interchangeable Sensors
from 1'200.00 CHF
from 1'200.00 CHF

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