0.2ml 96-well PCR plate Eppendorf - half skirt, clear – Witec AG

Art No | NLD422-H-200T-EP-Boffer
44.50 CHF
44.50 CHF

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  • Eppendorf thermal cycler compatibility (Mastercycler EP Realplex)
  • Ultra-thin and uniform wells ensure optimal heat transfer for high reaction efficiency
  • Secure and reliable sealing
  • Stable and splendid CT values for real-time PCR
  • Certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA and PCR inhibitors and tested pyrogen-free


1 box with 10 plates

As well compatible for:


  • Icycler
  • IQ
  • IQ5


  • MX3000P
  • MX3005P
  • MX4000


  • TP900/TP850
  • TP960/TP870

Other brands:

  • SLAN-96P/96S
  • Genelight9800
  • I ine-Gene9600
  • TL988-I/II
  • DA76000


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