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Several proprietary point mutations allow for significantly improved performance when compared with its native form. Together with advanced buffer chemistry this enzyme brings robust performance to the world of high fidelity PCR.

  • 50x higher fidelity than Taq DNA polymerase
  • Increased PCR success rates with amplicons up to 10kb
  • Advanced buffer chemistry including Mg and dNTPs
  • High yields under standard and fast PCR conditions
  • Efficient and specific amplification from complex templates including GC rich and AT rich sequences
  • Stable at 25°C and 37°C for 4 weeks

The enhanced DNA binding of PCRBIO HiFi Polymerase allows for improved processivity, increasing yield and shortening cycling times (35 cycles of a 5kb amplicon in under 1.5hours). The enhanced efficiency of PCRBIO HiFi Polymerase minimises PCR inhibition, from impure samples such as colony PCR and direct PCR.

PCRBIO HiFi Polymerase uses the latest developments in DNA polymerase technology and buffer chemistry to enhance PCR speed, yield and specificity. The enzyme and buffer system are room temperature stable for 4 weeks and give superior PCR performance on complex templates such has mammalian genomic DNA. PCRBIO HiFi Polymerase performs consistently well on a broad range of templates including both GC and AT rich.


  • High fidelity PCR
  • Blunt-end cloning
  • Site directed mutagenesis
  • Next generation sequencing
  • Crude sample PCR
  • Colony PCR
  • “Difficult” PCR - GC/AT rich DNA
  • Long range PCR - up to 10kb


On arrival, products should be stored between -30 and -15°C. If stored correctly the kit will retain full activity for 12 months.

PCRBIO HiFi Polymerase Fig.1

Figure 1.

Shows amplification of a 5kb amplicon from GAPDH derived from purified human genomic DNA.

A 2 fold template dilution series was made from a starting concentration of 100 nanograms of DNA. 25 cycles of 30 seconds denaturation, 30 seconds annealing and 75 seconds extension were completed in 1 hour. The first row shows PCRBIO HiFi Polymerase, the second row an equivalent product from Finnzymes and the 3rd row standard Pfu.

PCRBIO HiFi Polymerase Fig.2

Figure 2.

Shows no change in activity is detected in PCRBIO HiFi Polymerase after 28 days at 4˚C, 25˚C and 37˚C.

Figure 3.

Shows PCRBIO HiFi Polymerase amplifying a 60%
GC 1kb fragment of human GAPDH from genomic DNA.

The template is diluted 2 fold over 8 orders of magnitude, starting from 100 nanograms. The first row shows PCRBIO HiFi Polymerase, the second row shows Invitrogens Pfx enzyme and the 3rd row Finnzymes Phusion enzyme.

Available sizes:

PB10.41-02 1 x 100μL | 200 Units
PB10.41-10 5 x 100μL | 1000 Units


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PCRBIO HiFi Polymerase (2u/μl)

1 x 100μL | 200 Units

5 x 100μL | 1000 Units

5x PCRBIO HiFi Buffer

3 x 1mL | 200 Units

15 x 1mL | 1000 Units

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