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Art No | BS-010203-AAG
V-1 Plus Personal Vortex

An ideal instrument for gentle mixing to vigorous resuspension of cells and more

310.00 CHF
Art No | BS-010301-AAF
MS-3000 High-speed Magnetic Stirrer

Provides stirring of liquids with rotation speed of magnetic element up to 3000 rpm

300.00 CHF
Art No | BS-010305-AAF
MMS-3000 High-speed Magnetic Stirrer

Provides stirring of liquids with rotation speed of magnetic element up to 3000 rpm

340.00 CHF
Art No | BS-010201-AAA
FV-2400 Micro-Spin Mini-Centrifuge/Vortex

The FV-2400 is an “open type” centrifuge (without lid), that increases the speed of centrifugation and resuspension operations

390.00 CHF
Art No | D130drybath
AccuBlock Digital Dry Baths

The AccuBlock Digital Dry Bath comes with a multitude of block options

from 460.00 CHF
Art No | BS-010173-A01
ES-20/80C Orbital Shaker-Incubator with cooling

The ES-20/80C shaker-incubator with cooling function is a professional equipment for biotech and pharma labs.

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Art No | BS-010701-A02
RCP-24 Homogenizer
9'360.00 CHF
ecocool Refrigerated Circulating Baths

Innovative, eco-friendly, refrigerated and heating circulating baths offering significant running cost savings whilst delivering powerful cooling.

from 6'550.00 CHF
Art No | BS-010425-A01
S-Bt Smart Biotherm Compact CO2 Incubator

The S-Bt Smart Biotherm is designed for work in the areas of cell biology, molecular biology, biotechnology and immunology

7'280.00 CHF
Art No | BS-010167-A05
ES-20/80 Orbital Shaker-Incubator

This professional device is equipped with a newly developed triple eccentric mechanism for platform motion that provides supreme balancing characteristics, superior reliability and quiet operation.

7'070.00 CHF
Art No | BS-070106-A02
LabAqua BIO ultrapure water system 30lt

The Labaqua systems produce ultrapure and pure water directly from tap water.

7'020.00 CHF
Art No | C2500-R-230V
Prism R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

Powerfull brushless motors and intuitive control panel make the Prism R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge a premier choice.

6'470.00 CHF
Art No | PS1000-230V
AccuSeal Semi Automated Plate Sealer

Ideal for the low to medium throughput laboratory that requires uniform and consistent sealing of microplates.

6'460.00 CHF
Art No | BS-010212-AAA
LMC-4200R Refrigerated Centrifuge

The LMC-4200R is a modern centrifuge with refrigeration; designed for operation with microtest plates, gel cards and tubes from 10 to 50 ml.

5'650.00 CHF
XUB Digital Ultrasonic Baths

The XUB range of digitally controlled benchtop ultrasonic baths offer consistent and reliable performance in a variety of environments.

from 3'400.00 CHF
Art No | LSB12-18
LSB Aqua Pro Linear Shaking Baths

Thermostatically controlled orbital and linear shaking water baths designed for indoor laboratory use by a professional user.

from 4'610.00 CHF
Art No | BS-010135-AAA
ES-20/60 Orbital Shaker-Incubator

The Orbital Shaker/Incubator ES-20/60 is a professional device designed for cultivation of microorganisms and eukaryotic cells including animal, plant and insect cells.

5'010.00 CHF
Art No | BS-060102-AAI
3D-IW8 INTELIWASHER Microplate washer

This Microplate Washer is designed for washing various types of standard 96-well microtitre plates, microstrips as well as microarrays on FastFRAME (rectangular well shape).

5'010.00 CHF
Art No | BS-040107-AAA

The DNA/RNA UV-cleaner box UVT-S-AR is designed for clean operations with DNA samples and provides protection against contamination.

4'820.00 CHF
Art No | BS-060106-AAI

The Intelispeed Washer IW-8 is designed for washing of standard flat-bottom 96 well plates and microstrips.

4'760.00 CHF

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