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Art No | PS600
PS600 600 Volt Power Supply

The midrange PS600 is designed for electrophoresis and blotting techniques including large format and high throughput applications.

2'620.00 CHF
Art No | 550133.01sale
BluePower 3000 HPE Power Supply
3'440.00 CHF1'530.00 CHF
Art No | PS200HC
Hoefer PS200HC 200 Volt High CurrentPower Supply

The PS200HC is ideal for large electrophoretic blotting applications and for low voltage electrophoresis runs.

1'390.00 CHF
1'220.00 CHF
Art No | PS300B
Hoefer PS300B 300 Volt Power Supply

The versatile PS300B is designed for most electrophoresis techniques.

1'030.00 CHF
640.00 CHF

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