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Be Gentle With Your Cells - Optimizing Your Cell Line Development Workflows

In this webinar we will discuss and compare several single cell isolation techniques including manual limiting dilution, flow cytometry and Namocell's unique single cell dispenser.

The results of single cell cloning using all three techniques with several different cell lines will be shared.

We will demonstrate the advantages of using an automated gentle single cell isolation instrument can improve overall cloning workflows.


  • Michael Brem - Senior Scientist - Cell Line Development @Cytovance Biologics Inc.
  • Abe Couse - VP Marketing and Business Development @Namocell inc.

Date & Time

19.00 Switzerland time
(10 am Pacific time)

Fast and Gentle Single Cell Isolation on Your Benchtop

Join Namocell for an informative talk providing an overview of Namocell's single cell dispensers

and explanation of their benefits over conventional approaches to single cell isolation.

They will also demonstrate their use in several single cell application workflows.

Date & Time

19.00 Switzerland time
(10 am Pacific time)

Protein Sample Evaluation using the NanoDrop™ One UV Vis Spectrophotometer

On September 18th, 2018 at 4pm (EDT)

you have the opportunity to join the online event

"Protein Sample Evaluation using the NanoDrop™ One UV Vis Spectrophotometer"


Voula Kodoyianni, PhD, MS
Product Marketing Manager | UV-Vis and Fluorescence Instruments | Thermo Fisher Scientific

We know from VOC that 83% of our customers quantify proteins with a spectrophotometer at least once per week. There is a lot of helpful information in this webinar for scientists who work with proteins. Concepts covered and clarified are:

  • Protein mass extinction coefficients vs molar extinction coefficients
  • Blank vs background correction
  • How to use “sample type options”
  • “Good” and “bad” buffers for protein A280
  • How to customize their instrument using the Protein Editor and Dye Editor
  • How the Proteins and Labels application quantifies both the carrier protein and the FLR label
  • and more...

If you are interested, please register online.

Date & Time

16.00 am (EDT)

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