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Art No | 2161 2614 1
UV Table SuperBright dual wavelenght 315/312nm

The Super-Bright® Multiband transilluminator TCP-26.LMX represents the top model of this type series, as it combines the above advantages with the advantages of the Multiband transilluminators.

3'100.00 CHF
Art No | 2161-UV-TABLES
UV Tables dual wavelength

The innovative Super-Bright filter stops all the visible light emitted by the tubes.

from 2'500.00 CHF
Art No | 6111 1090 1
UV Bio-Link BLX crosslinker - UVA | UVC or UVB irradiation system

The Bio-Link is a UVA, UVC or UVB irradiation system, mainly dedicated to the binding of nucleic acid to membranes and the removal of contamination by PCR.

2'500.00 CHF
Art No | 2131 2017 1
ECX-F20.V1 Bluelight Table 20x20cm

SkyLight Table, Blue LED

2'400.00 CHF
Art No | 2131 2610 1
UV Table SuperBright single wavelenght 312nm

The Super-Bright® enables background-free illumination of the entire filter surface without visible light components.

2'400.00 CHF
Art No | 4121 4150 1
UV Cabinet CN-15
2'300.00 CHF
Art No | 2131-UV-TABLES
UV Tables single wavelength

The ECX transilluminators combine compact design and cost effectiveness for laboratories with budget in mind.

from 1'800.00 CHF
Art No | UV-TUBES-15W
UV Tubes 15W
from 90.00 CHF
1'300.00 CHF
UV Lamps with Filter

The powerful UV lamps from Vilber Lourmat are available in three wavelengths: 254 nm, 312 nm, 365 nm or combinations thereof.

from 750.00 CHF
Art No | UV-TUBES-8W
UV Tubes 8W
from 80.00 CHF
Art No | 5130 0011 1
VLX-3W UV Radiometer

All Vilber's radiometers use a silicon photo-electric sensor for a direct measurement of the UV intesity and thus do not convert UV into visible light.

1'200.00 CHF
VLX-3W Interchangeable Sensors
from 1'200.00 CHF
Germicidal Lamps - 254nm - no filter

Germicidal UV lamps of 254 nm prevent contamination in research laboratories.

from 690.00 CHF
UV Lamps without Filter

The BL-Black-Light lamps provides a large light spectrum with 365nm UV and visible light.

from 680.00 CHF
UV Tubes & Starters 15W
from 200.00 CHF
from 310.00 CHF
Art No | UV-TUBES-4W
UV Tubes 4W
from 90.00 CHF
Art No | UV-TUBES-6W
UV Tubes 6W
from 90.00 CHF
UV Tubes & Starters 8W
from 190.00 CHF

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