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Art No | PCR100200
0.2mL 8 Strip PCR Tubes sterile

Size: 1250pcs.

561.00 CHF
Art No | PCR000200
0.2mL single PCR Tubes sterile, flat cap

Size: 10'000pcs.

429.00 CHF
Art No | NLD422-F-200W-BR-T
0.2ml 96-well PCR plate, full skirt, white

Sale as long as in stock

from 39.80 CHF
Art No | NLD422-F-100T-BR-LS-B
0.1ml 96-well PCR plate Biorad - full skirt, White/black number

Sale as long as in stock

51.50 CHF
Art No | NLD422-H-200T-EP-B
0.2ml 96-well PCR plate Eppendorf - half skirt, clear

Sale as long as in stock

44.50 CHF
Art No | NLD422-H-100T-AB-B
0.1ml 96-well PCR plate ABI - half skirt, transparent

Sale as long as in stock

38.90 CHF
Art No | NLD422-H-200T-B
Universal 0.2ml PCR Plate, 96 wells, half-skirt, transparent

Size: 1 box (10 plates)

Sale as long as in stock

37.80 CHF

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