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Art No | ADAM-MC2
ADAM MC2 - a new standard of Automated Cell Counter

ADAM-MC2 is an automated fluorescence cell counter that performs cell counting and viability measurements at highest accuracy capable of replacing complex flow cytometry workflows.

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Art No | ADAM-CellT
ADAM CellT - Automated cell counter for cGMP

ADAM-CellT is an automated cell counter that is available in cGMP production environment and complies with 21 CFR part 11.

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ADAM rWBC2 - Residual Leukocyte Counter

45 seconds for counting residual leukocytes & easy to use

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Art No | AD1K-050
Adam rWBC Kit

Size: 1 Kit | 50 slides

Disposable Slides for Adam rWBC series

850.00 CHF
Art No | AD4K-200
Accuchip 4x Kit (max 800 tests) with Accustain Solution

Size: 1 Kit | 200 slides

Staining method - Propidium Iodide (PI)

600.00 CHF
Art No | ADR-1000
Accustain Solution (1000 tests)

Size: 1 Kit

190.00 CHF
Art No | ADB-500
Calibration Beads ADAM
140.00 CHF

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