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The Spectra Light Capsules offers proven reliability and superior performance.


The Spectra Light Capsules are powerful fluorescence exciters with focused light for uniform illumination and enhanced power.

Equipped with primary and secondary optics, the Light Capsules are categorized as Laser Class II due to their intense power.

  • Multispectral Imaging
    up to 8 excitations channels in the IR, NIR visible RGB and UV area
  • Pulse light
    extremely powerful excitation light for low protein abundance
  • Spectra LED
    the LED delivers instantly defined power for a better reproducibility
  • Narrow Bandpass Filter
    minimal overlap and high signal to noise ration

The standard range of 8 Light Capsules allow you a wide variety of possible applications in the UV, the visible and the IR ranges:

3999 7010 1 780nm AlGaAs O.D. 5.5 II
3999 7011 1 740nm AlGaAs O.D. 5.5 II
3999 7012 1 680nm AlGaInP O.D. 5.5 II
3999 7013 1 640nm AlGaInP O.D. 5.5 II
3999 7018 1 580nm AlGaInP O.D. 5.5 II
3999 7014 1 530nm AlGaInP O.D. 5.5 II
3999 7015 1 480nm AlGaInP O.D. 5.5 II
3999 7017 1 440nm AlGaInP O.D. 5.5 II
3999 7016 1 365nm InGaN O.D. 5.5 II
Spectra Capsules - The LED Light Capsules for quantitative fluorescence

The LED Light Capsules for quantitative fluorescence

Benefit from an excellent signal-background ratio for imaging and detect the lowest protein concentrations.

Choose from 8 LED Light Capsules to cover the complete standard spectrum from UV to infrared.

Each Capsule produces a monochromatic light of a different wavelenght with a very narrow-band illumination. This reduces the cross-stimulation and increases the sensitivity of your images.

From 400 to 700nm, custom design your own Light Capsule to get closer from the spectrum of your dye.



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