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Art No | S2040-1900-230V
Orbit 1900 Digital Shaker, without platform

A large lab shaker designed to handle heavy loads

2'910.00 CHF
Art No | BS-010172-A01
CPS-20 CO2 Shaker

The CPS-20 provides regulated orbital motion of the platform and is designed for use specifically in CO2 incubators.

2'510.00 CHF
Art No | BS-010145-ACI
PSU-20i Orbital Shaker

PSU-20i is an ideal instrument for laboratories conducting research in biopharmaceutics and biomedicine.

1'930.00 CHF
Art No | S2030-300-B-230V
Orbit 300 Multipurpose Digital Vortexer

A truly multipurpose Shaker!

1'520.00 CHF
Art No | BS-010216
MPS-1 High–Speed Multi Plate Shaker

A compact and user–friendly shaker, ideal for personal use - features a head for vortexing a single tube.

from 1'260.00 CHF
Art No | S2030-LS-B-230V
Orbit LS Low Speed Orbital Shaker with flat platform

A high quality, economical lab shaker.

1'210.00 CHF
Art No | BS-010144-AAN
PSU-10i Orbital Shaker

Designed for use both in small specialized biotechnological laboratories and in large multidisciplinary laboratories

1'160.00 CHF

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