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Art No | EVE-MC2
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4'650.00 CHF

EVE™ PLUS, a compact image-based automated cell counter, uses disposable slides to most accurately determine eukaryotic cell titers in less than 1 second.


When applying trypan blue staining, the system will discriminate live from dead cells precisely to provide reliable data on cell viability. Compared to counting cells manually using classical haemocytometers the EVE™ PLUS automated cell counter offers three main benefits:

  • Reproducible, objective data, free from human bias/error
  • Quick and lean workflow saves time and increases productivity
  • Disposable counting slides improve lab safety

The EVE™ PLUS uses advanced optics and image analysis algorithms for counting even challenging clumped cell populations at a precision that is proven to be comparable to more complex fluorescence-based counting methods.

The cell concentration measuring range is 2 x 107 cells/ml with cell sizes ranging from 5 to 60 µm being recognised. The system can therefore be used on all kinds of round-shaped mammalian cell lines, primary cells, red blood cells, PBMC and some round types of yeast. For irregular shaped cells we recommend the fluorescence-based cell counter ADAM MC2.

Key features & benefits

  • Count less than 1 second
  • Manual and Auto focus function
  • Count aggregated cells individually
  • Trypan blue staining method
  • Easy to use

A well-arranged touch screen user interface together with smart data storage and transfer options guarantee for easy and hassle-free operation.

The EVE™ PLUS uses the EVE™ cell counting slides which offer reproducible and reliable measurements and analysis. The unique design eliminates the use of cover slips and allows for exact volume control (10 µl cell suspension per test). In contrast to classical haemocytometers the disposable slides reduce the user's risk of exposure to biological samples and eliminate the need for washing or autoclaving components. Each slide contains two enclosed chambers allowing for two tests per slide.

Correlation of EVE PLUS and manual counting

Measuring from the EVE™ PLUS extends further the high concentration range than hemocytometer readings

Correlation of EVE PLUS and manual counting

EVE™ PLUS measures the number and concentration of total cells, viable cells, dead cells. It provides viability results and cell size gating.


Total cell counting result (Clumped cell)

Clumped cells were counted with EVE™ PLUS, nucleus counting, and the automated cell counters A, B, C. NanoEnTek’s ADAM-MC2 device was used for nucleus counting. It is accurate in clumped cells by counting the stained nuclei through the PI staining method. EVE™ PLUS is comparable to the nucleus counting for all cell lines with accuracy and precision. The other automated cell counters A, B, and C were shown inaccurate numbers in the clumped cell. EVE™ PLUS identies and counts the individual cells within the clumpy cells for accurate analysis.


Cell lines validated on EVE PLUS


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Time of analysis

< 1 sec (Manual Focus), < 10 sec (Auto Focus)

Cell size range

5 ~ 60 um

Loading volume

10 uL

Measurement range

1 x 10E4 ~ 2 x 10E7

Staining Method

Trypan blue stain

System Platform

Tablet PC

Data Export





Art No | EVS-050
EVE™ cell counting slides

Size: 50 slides - 100 counts

78.00 CHF
78.00 CHF
Art No | EVS-1000
EVE™ cell counting slides

Size: 1000 slides / 2000 counts

1'390.00 CHF
1'390.00 CHF
Art No | EBB-001
Test Beads 1 ml
67.00 CHF
67.00 CHF

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