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A New Era in Sample Processing and Characterization


The LeviCell™ EOS System is the next generation solution in sample processing, providing higher throughput, scalability and ultimate flexibility. Gentle, efficient and reliable, researchers can now simultaneously enrich for viable cells and target specific cell types in a single run.


  • Process samples at higher throughputs
  • Reliable Levitation Technology
  • Select run temperature for ideal sample conditions
  • Visualize full sample levitation
  • Capture real-time sample characterization
  • Scale up to 4 modules
  • Future proofed exchangeable core


  • Faster sample processing
  • 4x the cell number
  • 4x the sample throughput
  • 4x modules


  • deal sample conditions with thermal control
  • Independently run and configure modules
  • Future application specific swappable cores


  • Obtain sample characteristics during run
  • Analyze data prior to downstream studies
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis

Throughput and Scalability


LeviCell EOS Cartridge

  • Single use cartridge that allows optical system to scan the full channel for all 4 samples
  • Easily scale from 1 to 4 samples or 4 replicates of 1 sample for higher cell quantities
  • Same reliable performance seen with LeviCell-1.0 Cartridge

Next Generation LeviCell Software Enables Centralized Control

  • Quick access to all features
  • Powerfully intuitive instructions
  • Instrument module dashboard
  • Access feature packed run status view
  • Visualize entire separation channel during equilibration time
  • Quick file download of run logs
  • Management of all connect modules


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