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Announcing a new dawn in sample preparation and characterization — the LeviCell EOS system.


The newest addition to the groundbreaking LeviCell® product family is powered by the same revolutionary Levitation Technology™ found in the LeviCell 1.0 system.

LeviCell EOS delivers customer-proven, best-in-class cell isolation and enrichment with just simple 3 steps in only 20 minutes, providing MORE of the benefits researchers need.


  • Process samples at higher throughputs
  • Reliable Levitation Technology
  • Select run temperature for ideal sample conditions
  • Visualize full sample levitation
  • Capture real-time sample characterization
  • Scale up to 4 modules
  • Future proofed exchangeable core

Throughput and Scalability

Never before has sample preparation had the flexibility to increase throughput and scalability like the LeviCell EOS. Process up to 4 samples simultaneously, scaling sample number or increasing your cells per sample. Go even further with the added flexibility of connecting up to 4 EOS Modules providing 16x sample processing.


See your samples throughout the run!

LeviCell EOS system gives you the unprecedented ability to see all your samples during processing. Now you can enrich and visualize large samples or fragile cells like never before, which isn’t possible with other processing techniques.

  • Compare across 4 samples at the same time
  • Assess sample health before beginning downstream work
  • Visualize across the entire sample
  • Use cell-based assays in a new ways with fluorescence illumination
  • View immediate changes in cell behavior like clumping and dying cells

LeviCell EOS next generation software

The EOS Manager software provides one centralized place to manage all the connected EOS Modules and a run dashboard to visualize samples as they levitate.

  • Management of all connected modules
  • Intuitive, and self-guided run setup
  • Visualize entire separation channel during levitation
  • Select run temperature for ideal sample conditions
  • Quick file download of run reports and image files

LeviCell EOS Cartridge

The versatile single-use cartridge allows the optical system to scan all 4 sample channels. Now, you can easily scale from 1 to 4 samples, or 4 replicates of 1 sample for higher cell quantities. All with the same reliable performance as the LeviCell 1.0 Cartridge.



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Art No | 1002101
LeviCell EOS-4 Cartridges
  • Single use cartridge that allows optical system to scan the full channel for all 4 samples
  • Easily scale from 1 to 4 samples or 4 replicates of 1 sample for higher cell quantities
  • Same reliable performance seen with LeviCell-1.0 Cartridge
2'940.00 CHF
2'940.00 CHF
LeviPrep Nuclei Kit

Effectively Extract Nuclei and Remove Debris

from 490.00 CHF
from 490.00 CHF
Art No | 1002102
LeviCell EOS-4 Cartridge, Sterile

Size: 10/pack

3'590.00 CHF
3'590.00 CHF
Art No | 1004110
LeviSelect Mouse Tissue RBC Depletion Kit (10 rxn)

Size: 10rxn

Unwanted tissue red blood cells (RBC) removal now can be done lysis-free

330.00 CHF
330.00 CHF

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