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The Moxi V delivers the uniquely powerful combination of Coulter Principle (electric impedance) cell sizing with simultaneous fluorescence to provide the most accurate cell counts, size, and viability in an affordable, easy-to-use format.

With typical CVs of 2-3% on all measured parameters, the Moxi V easily outperforms all other instruments in this class. If your lab requires precision and accuracy for COVID-19 studies, PMBC analysis, CAR T expansion, or routine Cell QC, the Moxi V is your machine.


Specifically, the Moxi V™ employs the Coulter Principle to precisely measure the volumetric particle size of each particle for exact size measurements down to 3µm in diameter (14fL volume), easily distinguishing between cells and debris.

The system is also equipped with a 532nm laser and a 561nm/LP detection channel for robust cell viability analysis.  Propidium Iodide (PI)-stained dead cells measure 50-100 times brighter fluorescence on the system than do live cells, removing the ambiguity associated with traditional Trypan Blue viability assessments.  For each test, these size and viability measurements are applied, individually, to up to 23,000 cells in a matter of a few seconds.  This ensures the highest level of precision and statistical robustness.  As the fluidic volume is precisely metered as well, the particle counts are presented as an exact cell concentration.

The Moxi V™ employs a patented, single-use, microfluidic flow cell.  The flow cells eliminate the hassle of traditional flow cytometers and Coulter Counters, eliminating the need for cleaning, maintenance, clearing of clogs, cross contamination and occasionally replacement of bottles and tubes.

The Moxi V™ uses very little sample volume, 60µl’s, allowing you to conserve your precious, potentially expensive, sample (e.g. stem cells).  Cell concentrations as low as 10 cells/µl are possible, typically requiring just 5µl’s of cell sample diluted in 55µl’s of PBS.

Some key features of the Moxi V™ include:

  • True Cell Viability Counts
    50-100x more sensitive than vision counters.
  • Precision Sizing
    Uses the Coulter Principle to get precise cell volumes with CVs less than 3%.
  • Highly Accurate
    Accurate counts for smaller cells down to 3µm (i.e. nuclei, RBCs). Uniquely accurate at low cell concentrations down to 10 cells/µl.
  • Rapid Assays
    Offers a <15 second test that counts up to 23,000 cells compared to 200-300 counts on most vision counters, eliminating the need for triplicates.

The Moxi V™ system comes standard with an ultra-intuitive, plug-and-play interface with free OS updates for as long as you own the instrument. No prior flow cytometry experience is required – you simply just plug and play.

Moxi V Kit - Coulter Principle Counts & Sizing, 532nm Laser, 1 Fluorescence Channel (561nm/LP, PI) US style USB power adapter, and Type S+ cassette pack

The Moxi V OS will auto-analyze your results,

thereby eliminating user to user variability.

Jurkat cells were analyzed using the new Cell QC App with a PI stain. The Auto-Gating algorithm analyzes results in an accurate, repeatable way to provide the most consistent results possible.

You have the option to analyze results in a number of histogram formats for additional clarity.

How It Works

The operating principle behind the Moxi V is a unique combination of Coulter-Principle cell size determination with simultaneous fluorescence detection. As cells flow single file through the microfabricated single-use flow cell the volume of each particle is measured at the exact same time as their primary fluorescence is measured using a 532nm solid state diode laser with a 561nm/LP (e.g. PI) emission filter. Thousands of cells are measured in the 10 second read time and the data are plotted in a gradient density scatter plot as Cell size (volume) vs. Fluorescence (PMT voltage). Gating is automatically performed by the system but can be easily adjusted/tuned by the user. The resulting live/dead ratios are automatically calculated (depending on the app selected). The analyzed data can also be displayed as a two color size histogram. Total volumetric cell counts are automatically determined for each test by precisely measuring the volume of fluid being analyzed.

Step 1:

Select desired app, insert the cassette and close the doors.

Moxi V - how it works

Step 2:

Once auto-alignment is complete, open the top door and pipette 60μl of labelled sample into the cassette.

Moxi V - how it works

Step 3:

Close the top door, assays run automatically and results are generated in ~10 seconds.

Note: Each cassette holds 2 tests. When Sample 1 is complete, simply re-insert other end of cassette into Moxi V, and load Sample two.

Moxi V - how it works


Data can be displayed on the unit in both a color density scatter plot and a two color size histogram. Simply drag gates using the intuitive touch display for instant live/dead ratio calculations and each of the gated volumetric cell counts (i.e., total population, live population, and dead population (Viability App). The mean cell volume for the gated populations is also automatically displayed on the unit. Results from each test are stored in the standard FCS 3:1 format and can be viewed using any flow cytometry analysis package. The actual Moxi V screenshots from each assay (dot plots and histograms) are also stored in bitmap format for use online. Hundreds of files can be stored on each Moxi V and are easily transferred to a Mac or PC using USB on-the-go. No aditional software is required.

Moxi V Cassettes MXC030

Type S+ Cassettes

Cassettes for:

  • Moxi V
  • Moxi GO II
  • Moxi Flow*

Moxi GO II / Moxi V Type S+ cassettes are designed for cells and particles ranging from 3 μm to 26 μm in diameter. Run two flow cytometry tests with each cassette. Four parameter output per test; 2 color, cell count and cell volume.

*To use the MXC030 cassettes on the Moxi Flow Systems, a firmware upgrade to v2.12 or greater is required (the current latest version is v2.14).

Higher Performance & Simplicity in One Disposable Cassette.

Patent-protected thin-film cassettes provide highly accurate, repeatable cell counts and cell size analysis in under 15 seconds. Inspired by the gold-standard Coulter Principle used in high-end counting systems worldwide, the Moxi cassette flows thousands of cells per test through a cell sensing zone to accurately capture the impedance-based volumetric measurement of each individual cell in the sample. Impedance-based cell counting of individual cells is proven to be over 95% accurate versus a 75% accuracy with image-based cell counting methods.

No system contamination and integrated pre-filter for clogging prevention.

Moxi cassettes are designed with a unique “”cell sieve”” to minimize cell clumping and clogging. In addition, Moxi cassettes contain 100% of your sample within the cassette body, eliminating the possibility for system contamination and sterilization. Cassettes are simply and easily discarded when testing is finished.

Two tests per cassette

Each Moxi cassette offers two individual tests. The instrument will also alert the user if a used cassette is mistakenly inserted in the unit.


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Gold Standard Cell Count, Cell Size & Viability

Battery Type

Rechargeable 3.7 V, 7500 mAh lithium ion

Cassette Types

Type S+

Cell Particle Concentration Range

10’000 – 1’000’000 cells/mL Type S+

Cell Types Tested

HEK-293|HeLa|PC12|CD3+T|CHO-K1|Cos-7|HepG2|Hybridoma|Jurkat E6-1|K562|MCF7|Mesenchymal SC|Monocyte|Mouse ESC| NIH 3T3| PBMC (cultured)|Red Blood Cells (RBC)|L5178y| C. albicans (Yeast)| S. cerevisiae Vin 13 (Yeast)|S. cerevisiae X5 (Yeast)|Wine Yeast (natural fermentaion)|S.cerevisiae (Baker’s Yeast|Safale US-05 Yeast|

Data Output Formats

FCS 3.1, screen shots (.bmp), CSV

Data Storage Capacity


Display Resolution

800 x 480 color touchscreen

Excitation Wavelengths


Laser Color


Measurable Dynamic Range

3 – 27 microns Type Type S+; 4 – 35 microns Type MF-M

Measurement Time

10 seconds Type S+

MPICell Health Ratio Moxi Viability Index MVI

Yes (Size histogram only)

Number of Detection Channels Flow parameters

1 color, 1 size, 1 forward extinction

Number of PMTs


Optical Detection Range

561nm/LP (e.g. PI)

Particle Size Detection Method

Impedimetric (Coulter Principle)

Pre-Programmed Tests

Gold Standard Cell Count, Cell Size, and Viability

Resolution Histogram Bins


Sample Type

Cell Preparations

Sample Volume

60 µL

Supported Connectivity

USB on-the-go (PC or MAC C compatible)

Data Output Format

FCS 3.1 and screenshots (bmp)

Dimensions / Weight

L9.3 x W22.1 x H14.7cm

3.6 kg


Art No | MXC030
Moxi Go/V Cassettes Type S+

Size: 25 cassettes/box - 50 tests

Moxi GO / Moxi V Type S+ cassettes are designed for cells and particles ranging from 3 um to 26 um in diameter.

Run two flow cytometry tests with each cassette. 4 parameter output per test; 2 color, cell count and cell volume.

260.00 CHF
260.00 CHF
Art No | MXC032
Moxi Go/V Cassettes Type S+

Size: 250 cassettes/box - 500 tests

Moxi GO / Moxi V Type S+ cassettes are designed for cells and particles ranging from 3 um to 26 um in diameter.

Run two flow cytometry tests with each cassette. 4 parameter output per test; 2 color, cell count and cell volume.


2'290.00 CHF
2'290.00 CHF

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