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The EchoLUTION Cell Culture RNA Kit is optimized to eliminate most gDNA.


For single-step purification of total RNA from human and animal cell lines (fresh, frozen, and stabilized adherent and suspension cells). 

  • Convenience and speed: Workflow for 4 manual samples in 12 minutes and a complete 96-well plate in only 20 minutes.
  • High sensitivity: Highly pure RNA free of contaminants and inhibitors.
  • Reliable results: The ultra-fast non-enzymatic lysis, that inactivates nucleases and stabilizes the nucleic acids. Resulting in RNA perfectly suited for downstream applications such as PCR and NGS.
  • Sustainability: Up to 60% less plastic consumption compared to other extraction methods and no usage of hazardous reagents.


  • 50rxn | 250rxn | 96-well plate kit:
    For single-step purification of total RNA from up to 2 x10⁶ human and animal cell lines
  • 384-well plate kit:
    For single-step purification of total RNA from up to 1 x10⁶ human and animal cell lines

How to use the EchoLUTION Cell Culture RNA Kit

The innovative way to extract premium quality total RNA

The EchoLUTION Cell Culture RNA Kit was developed for efficient RNA extraction from human and animal cultured cells. The EchoLUTION technology allows extraction of nucleic acids in a single step after an ultra-fast sample lysis. This revolutionary method purifies RNA with high yield and quality, much faster than other methods. The isolated total RNA is ready-to-use in standard downstream applications such as RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, and RNAseq, among others. The product delivers dedicated solutions to anyone committed to drug discovery, sequencing, and/or basic research, such as oncology, immunology, and transcriptomics.


The EchoLUTION™ Technology

The EchoLUTION Technology

1. Lysis and transfer
The ultra-fast non-enzymatic lysis reaction inactivates nucleases, and stabilizes the nucleic acids in a 5-minute incubation period.

2. Single-step purification
Once the lysate is transferred onto the spin column, it is purified with a one-minute centrifugation step. The RNA passes through the purification matrix without further interaction while impurities and cellular debris are held back and removed.

3. Ready-to-use RNA
This innovative technology provides the isolation of ready-to-use highly pure total RNA with minimum DNA content. For certain sensitive RNA applications an optional gDNA removal step is also available.

Required equipment


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Art No | 050-008-050
Sealing Foil, airtight (50)

Size: 50 foils

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Art No | 060-003-008
BioEcho Lysis Plate, Type 1 (8)

Size: 8 plates

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80.00 CHF
Art No | 011-901-GDNA
gDNA Removal Mix

For DNA removal during RNA purification with the EchoLUTION Cell Culture RNA Kit.

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