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Multispectral Imaging -Up to 7 excitations channels in the IR, NIR visible RGB and UV area.


The Fusion FX Spectra is the first multimodal imaging platform designed for molecular biology laboratories. It covers chemiluminescence, bioluminescence, multiplexing fluorescence and chemifluorescence applications.

The FUSION FX Spectra is the ideal system for publication, quantification and documentation grade imaging.


Chemiluminescence and fluorescence Western, Northern or Southern blot. Choose Your FUSION FX Spectra model according to your applications:

  • UV: 365nm
  • IR/NIR: 780nm - 640nm
  • RGB: 640nm - 530nm - 480nm
  • 7 Channels: 440nm - 480nm - 530nm - 640nm - 680nm - 740nm - 780nm
  • or design your own set of Fluorescence Emission & Excitation Filter sets with customized filters!


Optional applications:

  • DNA and RNA gels and fluorescence stain imaging with UV-Pad or Blue-Pad
  • Colorimetric stained protein gels, X-Ray film, autorads, SSCP gels, colony dish and flask imaging with White-Light-Pad or UV-Pad + conversion screen


Customize your FUSION FX Spectra with up to 7 Spectra Capsules from UV 365nm - 440nm - 480nm - 530nm 640nm - 680nm - 740nm up to 780nm

• UV-Pad, Super-Bright-Pad, Sky-Light-Pad, Blue-Pad, White-Light-Pad
• White light or blue light conversion screen
• Advanced Bio-1D quantification software
• CFR21 Part 11 Administration Sofware


The Application Master

  • 7 excitations channel options in the IR, NIR, visible RGB and UV area
  • 10 Spectra narrow band filters available from 440 to 850nm
  • 40 fluorescence and chemiluminescence predefined imaging protocols at your fingertips

Unique Technologies

  • Spectral Unmixing for signal cross talk separation
  • Clarity™ technology for razor sharp band revelation
  • SuperResolution™ technology for ultimate megapixel resolution
  • 3D Dynamic Scan technology

Unrivaled Performance

  • Better sensitivity than a film
  • Unique custom made V.070 lens performance for super-fast image acquisition
  • Reproducible and comparable quantification data
  • Best signal to noise ratio of the industry for the lowest limit of detection

Easy and Intuitive

  • One-click-to-get-the-image
  • Auto-exposure and auto-focus
  • Automatic light illumination control
  • Protocol driven image acquisition

your Applications At Your Fingertips
Transillumination Pads

UV Pad for DNA and RNA gels and fluorescence stain imaging: Ethidium Bromide, SYBR-Safe, SYBR-Green, Gel-Red, Gel-Green, SYBR-Gold, GFP, Pro-Q Emerald, Sypro Ruby, FITC, DAPI…

  • UV-Pad Edge 26M – UV 312nm-Filter size 21x26cm
  • Super-Bright Pad Edge 26MX – Super-Bright 312nm-Filter size 21x26cm
  • TFS-26.LM UV-Pad 26LM 230V – UV 312+365nm (LM), filter 21x21cm
  • TFS-26.LMX UV-Pad 26LMX 230V – Super-Bright 312+365nm (LMX), 21x21cm

White Pad or white light conversion screen for colorimetric stained protein gels, X-Ray film, autorads, SSCP gels, colony dish and flask imaging and other EPI white light applications: Coomassie Blue, Silver Stain, Ponceau S Red, Copper stain…

  • TFS-20.W White-Pad 100/230V – White light – LED -Sample size 20x20cm

Blue Pad or blue light conversion screen for DNA/RNA detection (avoid “nicking” DNA): SYBR-Safe, SYBR-Green, eGFP…

  • TFS-20.SkyLight Sky-Pad 100-230V – Blue 470nm-Filter size 20x20cm
your applications at your fingertips

Fluorescent excitation channels: Unlimited multi-colour fluorescence applications:

The Spectra Light Capsules are powerful fluorescence exciters with focused light for uniform illumination and enhanced power. Achieve the desired narrow spectral bandwidth by selecting 1 from our set of 8 Capsules or by customizing your own light spectrum:

  • SPECTRA-Capsule-IR-780nm
  • SPECTRA-Capsule-IR-740nm
  • SPECTRA-Capsule-680nm
  • SPECTRA-Capsule-NIR-640nm
  • SPECTRA-Capsule-Green-530nm
  • SPECTRA-Capsule-Blue-480nm
  • SPECTRA-Capsule-UV-365nm

SPECTRA emission filter:

  • F-535Y M58 Interference Filter Y2
  • F-565 M58 Interference Filter Qdot
  • F-595Y M58 Interference Filter Y3
  • F-655 M58 Interference Filter Qdot
  • F-695Y M58 Interference Filter Y5
  • F-710 M58 Interference Filter Qdot
  • F-740NIR M58 Interference Filter
  • F-820IR M58 Interference Filter
  • F-840-DEEP-IR Narrow bandpass filter
  • F-750 Narrow bandpass filter-Y5.5


Vilber Lourmat S.A.
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•Unrivalled custom made lens f/0.70
•Scientific grade CCD camera
•Grade 0, zero defect
•Image resolution: 10 megapixels
•Native resolution: 2160×2160
-95° C maximum cooling differential from ambient
-65°C absolute and regulated cooling via a double cooling system & four stages Peltier thermoelectric cooler.
•High Sensitivity reading (HSR) technology
•USB-3 connection



Super V.070 lens (24mm), FOV: 24x20cm
The Fusion custom made V.070 lens combines sensitivity and optical performance for very faint light conditions. The optical system includes ultra-low dispersion components to enhance the sensitivity and aspheric elements to deliver consistently sharp images. The V.070 lens has a focusing distance of only 20cm to provide unrivaled sensitivity, clarity and image quality.

Absolute cooling



2'200.00 CHF
2'200.00 CHF
Art No | 2801 2612 1
UV-Pad Edge 26M V1 312nm
1'800.00 CHF
1'800.00 CHF
2'200.00 CHF
2'200.00 CHF
Art No | 2801 2019 1
White-Light-Pad Edge 20WL V1
1'500.00 CHF
1'500.00 CHF
Art No | 2801 2614 1
Super-Bright UV-Pad Edge 26LMX V1 312/365nm

Vilber provides first-class UV transilluminators for documentation and preparation in different dimensions and configurations. The innovative Super-Bright filter stops all the visible light emitted by the tubes. As the UV tubes are no more visible, the Super-Bright improves dramatically the quality of gel visualization and documentation.

2'800.00 CHF
2'800.00 CHF
Art No | 2801 2012 1
UV-Pad Edge 20M V1 312nm
1'300.00 CHF
1'300.00 CHF

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