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The unrivaled Newton 7.0 is ideal for chemiluminescence and bioluminescence, for in vivo and in vitro applications.

The NEWTON 7.0 achieves the best signal to noise ratio for the lowest limits of detection. The system is extremely linear over its wide dynamics and can easily detect large intensity difference between bright and faint bands before reaching saturation. The broad linear dynamic range enables relative quantification of target proteins with confidence.

The NEWTON 7.0 system combines high sensitivity with advanced animal-handling features and userfriendly time-saving operation.

The NEWTON 7.0 proprietary optics have been specifically developed for macro imaging with high light collection capacity, incorporating a unique combination of high numerical aperture and long working distance.

Bright fluorescence observation can be performed in a rapid scanning mode that shortens exposure times and minimizes specimen damage. Observation is thus possible even with slight body movement. The fast lens is also ideal for luminescence applications requiring longer exposure time.

The advent of novel fluorescent probes has increased the demands on in-vivo fluorescence imaging systems to be able to deftly handle a variety of simultaneous signals, specifically in the IR and NIR area. The dual magnetron filter technology ensures transmission above 90% and very narrow band cutting - meaning improved spectral separation and increased sensitivity.

The detection spectral range goes from 400 to 900nm, making the NEWTON 7.0 ideal for GFP, YFP or IR applications. The best spectral range for penetrating an animal is between 600 nm and 900 nm. With NIR and IR fluorescence detection, background is very low, and tissue autofluorescence does not limit performance.


3D Optical Tomography - Unrivalled Precision

3D OPTICAL TOMOGRAPHY – unrivalled precision.

Bioluminescence Tomography (BLT) as well as Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT) are imaging techniques providing further quantitative and localized analyses of a source distribution within a living animal from signals measured on the body surface of the animal.

The NEWTON 7.0 integrates an innovative 3D Tomography imaging module that reconstructs bioluminescent or fluorescent signals into volume that are overlaid within the 3D topographic model of the subject.

For a better understanding of anatomical and deeper tissue structures, the digital organ library allows the superimposition of the mouse organs to the tomographic image to identify the source localization with precision.

Newton 7.0 FT400

Imaging Versatility

  • Visualization and tracking of tumor development or disease progression in the living animal
  • Signals overlay so that several reporters can be visualized simultaneously
  • In vitro and in vivo cells migration tracking
  • Signal quantification


  • Proprietary V.070 lens with f:0.70 aperture
  • 1” scientific grade CCD camera
  • Bioluminescence detection : femtogram level
  • Fluorescence detection : picogram level

Long Lasting High Quality

  • Stainless steel, aluminium and steel darkroom for the best robustness
  • Proven camera robustness
  • White light LED for thousands of hours of use
  • Interchangeable Pad

Ease Of Use

  • Intuitive user interface
  • One click to get the image
  • Auto-exposure and automatic illumination control

Animals Management

  • Large 20×20 cm FOV for multi-subject imaging
  • Heated animal bed
  • EQUAFLOW™ breather to deliver equal gas to each nose cone to prevent unwanted animals awakening
  • Active gaz scavengers
  • Compatible with the BIOSTHESIA gas anesthesia system
  • Up to 5 mice

your Applications At Your Fingertips

Thanks to the Spectra LED modules, the NEWTON 7.0 can accommodate up to 8 excitation channels in the IR, NIR, visible RGB and UV area.

Signals can be overlayed so that several reporters can be visualized simultaneously.

A large number of dyes and stains could be used such as GFP, YFP, Pro-Q Emerald 300, Sypro-Ruby, FITC, DAPI, Alexa Fluor® 680, 700, 750, Cy® 3, 5, 5.5, DyeLight, IRDye® 800CW, VivoTrack 680, VivoTag 750

Biosthesia - Add-on Anesthesia System



The BIOSTHESIA system has been specially designed for inhalation of isoflurane agents by laboratory animals.

The BIOSTHESIA is a small weight device, compact and robust, which can be used as a standalone unit on a table. As it is transportable, it can be moved from one place to another in no time and can be immediately operational.

The system is composed of a medical grade digital flowmeter, a precision TEC3 format vaporizer, an active charcoal filter, a breathing circuit with mouse nose-cone/mask and an induction box.

The BIOSTHESIA vaporizer is designed to operate with isoflurane and is calibrated using a laser refractometer, to ensure accuracy of use. In addition, our vaporizer has a safety lock function, to prevent accidental turn on – making the BIOSTHESIA vaporizer not only one of the most accurately manufactured and certified vaporizer, but one of the safest.

The BIOSTHESIA could supply at the same time the induction box and the imaging rack for one, two or five mices.


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Bioluminescence detection : femtogram level
Fluorescence detection : picogram level

Camera & Optics

Scientific grade CCD camera
Grade 0, zero defect
400-900nm / 4.8 O.D.
Image resolution: 10 megapixels
Native resolution: 2160×2160

Motorized V.070 lens: f:0.70
Minimum: 6x6cm
Maximum: 20x20cm

Animal Management

BIOSTHESIA gas anesthesia module
Heated table
Choice of animal breather for 1, 3 or 5 mice

Hardware Capabilities

Intelligent Darkroom concept
Fully-automatic system
• Motorized optical lens
• Motorized filter wheel
• Software controlled lighting
• Automatic visible lighting adjustment
• Auto-focus & Auto-exposure

Illumination & Filters

8 excitation channels from blue to IR
10 position filter wheel
Large choice of up to 9 customer made narrow
bandpass emission filters

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