RapidClean Protein Removal kit-10 rxns – Witec AG

Art No | K-01001-010
244.00 CHF
244.00 CHF

Size: 1 Kit | 10rxns

The fast and easy way to remove protein from RNA and DNA samples.


RapidClean™ is a novel affinity resin designed to remove all protein from aqueous solutions of single- or double- stranded nucleic acids, providing an alternative to hazardous and lengthy phenolchloroform procedures.

The RapidClean resin binds and removes protein in a 5-minute protocol that combines convenience, speed, and nucleic acid recovery rates in excess of 95%.

  • Complete removal of proteins from aqueous solutions of nucleic acids
  • Protocol less than 5 minutes, start to finish
  • Non-toxic alternative to phenol-chloroform extraction
  • Nucleic acid recovery rates >95%
  • Recovery of nucleic acids from 5 nucleotides to greater than 40 kb
  • Suitable for DNA, RNA, cDNA, microRNA, oligonucleotides

Rapid clean resin arrives as a ready-to-use 10x slurry.

Kit includes:
RapidClean resin
Spin filters


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