FlashBlot Transfer Buffer (50x) – Witec AG

Art No | R-03090
from 159.00 CHF

Ready-to-use wet transfer buffer


Designed for faster, more efficient wet protein transfer with increased sensitivity.

  • Faster than traditional wet buffers: better results in 20 minutes
  • More sensitive detection for low abundance proteins
  • Better detection of post-translationally modified proteins
  • Better transfer of ALL proteins, including high molecular weight proteins
  • Conveniently suitable for any wet transfer set-up

Compared to traditional wet transfer buffers, FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer provides improved transfer efficiency of all proteins, including those of high molecular weight for which is it often very difficult to achieve complete transfer.

Due to the faster transfer time, FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer allows for increased protein retention on membranes resulting in more sensitive detection of low-abundance proteins.

Having difficulty detecting a low-abundance protein?

FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer increases protein retention on the membrane, thereby improving your ability to detect low-abundance proteins.

Additionally, due to faster transfer times and therefore minimal exposure to heat, FLASHBlot improves detection of post-translationally modified proteins.

Is your high molecular weight protein not transferring well?

FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer improves the efficiency of transfer of all proteins, including high molecular weight proteins that are difficult to transfer with traditional buffers.

Tired of waiting around for your transfer to finish?

Accelerate your transfers to less than 20 minutes with FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer.


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