Western Blot Strip-It Buffer-500ml – Witec AG

Art No | R-03722-D50
226.00 CHF
226.00 CHF

Size: 500ml


Immunoblot stripping buffer for reprobing membranes

Advansta's Western Blot Strip-It Buffer uniformly removes antibodies from developed Western blots so the blot can be reprobed with another set of antibodies. Stripping and reprobing saves precious samples and the entire stripping protocol takes only 25 minutes. The gentle, odor-free buffer removes bound antibodies without harsh reagents or elevated temperatures and will not damage antigens or membranes.


  • Conserve valuable sample - probe the same blot multiple times
  • Fast protocol - blot stripped and ready for re-probing in 25 minutes
  • Gentle protocol - antibodies removed without harsh reagents or elevated temperatures
  • Save time - no need to re-run gels and perform duplicate blots
  • Versatile - compatible with both nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes and with a variety of chemiluminescent detection reagents


Advansta Inc.
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