AdvanWash washing solution - 500ml – Witec AG

Art No | R-03024-D50
226.00 CHF
226.00 CHF

Size: 500ml

AdvanWash and AdvanWash-IR washing solutions are compatible with any Western blotting system you are currently using.


AdvanWash washing solution can be used with any Western blotting system, including all WesternBright chemiluminescent HRP substrates and the WesternBright MCF fluorescent Western blotting kit. Provided as a 10x concentrate.

  • Reliable - Quality-controlled wash buffers for reproducible results
  • Versatile - Compatible with chemiluminescent and fluorescent Western blots
  • Convenient - Save time using pre-made buffers. No more weighing, mixing, or pH adjusting


Advansta Inc.
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