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Art No | L00816
4'620.00 CHF
4'620.00 CHF

The eZwest™ Lite automatically performs the membrane blocking, primary & secondary antibody incubations, and all washing steps of the western blot procedure.


The eZwest™ Lite is a fully automated Western Blotting system that performs the entire process of binding, incubating, cleaning and recycling of primary antibodies.

The patented cleaning technology greatly reduces the adhesion of antibodies to the membrane, reduces background and improves relative sensitivity. The fully automated operation procedures avoid errors caused by manual operations, ensuring the repeatability of experiments. A high-throughput operation and a customized program make the Western Blotting experiment more flexible.

  • Quick & easy: complete the process of binding, incubation & washing as quick as in one hour
  • Automatic: the whole process is highly automated
  • Constistent results: fully automated operation ensuring constistency every time
  • Antibody saving: recover the primary antibody for re-use
  • Programmable: easily customizable program for protocol needs
  • Quiet operation


The device is delivered with following components:

Component Product No. Unit Quantity
Membrane Cassette L00820 unit 1
Cleaning Cassette L00821 unit 1
Forceps pc 1
Roller pc 1
Silicone Tubing 3/pk 1
Waste Bottle pc 1
Stylus Pen L00822 pc 1
Wash Buffer Bottle pc 1
50mL Tube 3/pk 1
eZwest Spacer L00824 10/pk 1


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1 channel for up to 2 membranes

Memabrane size

9 x 8.3cm

Operating temperature

15°C – 40°C


23 x 23 x 23cm




560.00 CHF
560.00 CHF
360.00 CHF
360.00 CHF
Art No | L00822
eZwest Stylus Pen
43.00 CHF
43.00 CHF
Art No | L00824
eZwest Membrane Spacer
67.00 CHF
67.00 CHF

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