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Fast, Gentle and Easy Fluorescence and Light Scatter Based Single Cell Isolation.


The Pala Single Cell Dispenser makes single cell isolation and sorting effortless. It has 2 lasers and up to 11 fluorescent channels, and can isolate virtually every cell type.

This benchtop instrument combines proprietary microfluidics technology with flow cytometry and liquid dispensing to sort and dispense single cells directly into 96-well or 384-well plate.

  • Fast – Dispense single cells into a 96-well plate in 1 min or a 384-well plate in 6 min, 3 min system initialization
  • Gentle – Low sorting pressure (<2 psi) preserves cell viability and integrity and delivers high outgrowth
  • Easy – Fully automated, no calibration needed, no clogging, zero maintenance
  • Compact – Lightweight and portable, easily fit inside a cell culture hood
  • Flexible – Can sort with aqueous or non-aqueous sheath liquids, such as water droplets in oil emulsion

It simplifies and empowers a number of single cell applications, including:

  • cell line development
  • cell engineering
  • single cell genomics
  • CRISPR and iPSC cloning
  • monoclonal antibody development
  • synthetic biology
  • rare cell isolation such as circulating tumor cells
  • circulating fetal cells

It is affordable, user-friendly, zero maintenance, and requires no special training to operate.

Cell Cartridges

Low Sample Input, High Recovery
Near zero dead volume enables handling of small sample inputs down to 100 cells.

No Sample Carryover Disposable cell cartridge prevents cross-contamination between samples.

Safe – No Aerosol Formation
Large droplet size prevents aerosol formation.

Cell Cartridge


Dispense single cells into 96-well plate in 1 min, or 384-well plate in 6 min. Process up to 3 million cells in 1 min.

Namocell Single Cell Dispensers combine the benefits of three key technologies, microfluidics, flow cytometry and liquid dispensing to accomplish single cell sorting and dispensing in one step, providing a fast, easy and gentle solution for single cell isolation. They are capable of isolating single cells in a high throughput manner while being gentle on cells to preserve cell viability and deliver good outgrowth. They are easy to operate, zero maintenance, and require no prior experience with flow cytometry.

Namocell’s proprietary microfluidic cell cartridges eliminate the risk of system clogging and sample-to-sample cross contamination, and keep the sample sterile with no need for cleaning.


Namocell Inc.
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Laser 1: 488nm

Laser 2: 405nm or 561nm

Light Scatter

Forward (FSC) & Side (TSC)


Up to 11 channels 450nm – 783nm

Sorting Modes
  • Single cell dispensing
  • Target cell enrichment
  • Bulk cell sorting
Input Sample Volume

100 – 600 µl

Input Sample Density

100 cells – 150M cells/mL

Dispensing Volume

1 µl/cell

Dispensing Format

96- or 384-well plate

Sorting pressure

< 2 psi

Initialization Time

3 min.

Sheat Consumption



63.5 x 35.6 x 22.9cm




Art No | NC001-10
Sterile Cell Cartridges - 1 box

Size: Box à 10pcs.

1'500.00 CHF
1'500.00 CHF

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