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Dispenses single cells into 96-well plate in less than 1 minute.
Captures 1 in 100 million cells in 5 minutes.


Namocell has combined the benefits of three key technologies: flow cytometry, microfluidics and liquid dispensing. The combination of these techniques is unique and enables users to accomplish single cell sorting and dispensing in one step, providing fast, efficient and gentle isolation of single cells.

Namo and Hana Single Cell Dispensers are capable of isolating single cells in a high throughput manner that is still gentle on cells so that they can maintain their viability. It is easy to operate and requires no prior experience or training with flow cytometry.

Namocell’s microfluidic cell cartridges ensure that there is no sample-to-sample cross contamination and keep the sample sterile. Cartridges that contain the sample material can be swapped out so there is no need for cleaning process.

This benchtop device uses proprietary microfluidics technology to sort and dispense single cells directly into 96-well or 384-well plate. It simplifies and empowers a number of single cell applications, including cell line development, single cell genomics, monoclonal antibody development, CRISPR selection, synthetic biology, circulating tumor cells (CTCs) isolation and circulating fetal cells isolation. It is affordable, user-friendly, and requires almost no training to operate.

  • Laser wavelength: 488 nm
  • Detection channels: SSC + FSC
    FL1 533 nm (FITC/GFP) | FL2 585 nm (PE/PI)
  • Sorting pressure: less than 2 psi
  • Dispensing volume: 1 ul
  • Dispensing format: 96-well or 384-well plate
  • Sample volume: 750 ul
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Dimensions: 49 x 36 x 21cm


Webinar "Fast & Gentle Single Cell Isolation on Your Benchtop"


Single cell dispensing in
1 min/96-well plate, and
3 min/384-well plate
Bulk sort 100M cells in 5 min
2 min system initialization


100 cells minimal input
Sample density can range from 100 cells/mL to 1B cells/mL


Low cost of total ownership


Software-assisted prompts ensure foolproof operation
Automated initialization and shutdown routines
Zero maintenance


Benchtop, lightweight
Fit in tissue culture hood


Low pressure ensures cell viability and integrity

Hana Advantages over Cell Sorters

Cell Sorter Hana Single Cell Dispenser
Pressure 20 – 70 psi Less than 2 psi
Initialization time 45 min 2 min
Sorting speed 2000 – 20’000/s 10 – 300’000/s
Channels 16 2 or 3
Minimum cells 200’000 100
Droplet size 0.001 – 0.005 ul 1 ul
Sheat 1 – 2 L/hr 15 mL/hr
Sterile sorting Difficult Easy
96-well sorting Optional Standard
System clogging Yes No
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Unique Microfluidic Cell Cartridge

  • Low flow pressure preserves cell viability
  • Sorting and dispensing in a single step
  • prevents aerosol formation
    No cross-contamination
Namocell Disposable Cell Cartridge


Namocell Inc.
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Art No | NC001-10
Sterile Cell Cartridges - 1 box

Size: Box à 10pcs.

1'500.00 CHF
1'500.00 CHF

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