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A straightforward benchtop workflow for instrument-free barcoded cDNA & intuitive scRNA-seq data interpretation


Versatile & accessible single-cell analysis powered by hydrogel technology for every lab

Scipio bioscience offers an instrument-free, accessible solution for your scRNA-seq experiments. The Asteria benchtop kit enables you to profile up to 10,000 cells simultaneously. Thanks to a revolutionary hydrogel technology, the gentle protocol can handle fragile cells or cells of unusual shape, and capture mRNA strands rapidly to limit transcriptional changes.

  • Up to 10'000 cells simultaneously
    A high-throughput kit to process large samples. The kit enables the analysis of 4 x 10'000 cells
  • User-friendly & instrument-free
    Accelerate your research thanks to a single-use benchtop kit requiring only basic laboratory techniques
  • Fast sample processing
    Use immediately on your fresh samples and capture your mRNA in 2 hours
  • Early stable stopping point
    Store your sample safely after 2 hours to resume later without loss of genetic information
  • High-quality results
    Obtain scRNA-seq data quality equivalent to microfluidic-based technologies
  • Intuitive analysis with cloud-based software
    Analyze your sequencing data yourself and generate publication-grade figures


Asteria© single-cell RNAseq bench-top kit

A straightforward benchtop workflow


With the Asteria© Single-cell RNA-seq Benchtop Kit, enjoy a novel sample preparation solution for your single-cell studies on your very own lab bench.

Thanks to the powerful RevGEL-seq hydrogel technology, you can profile up to 4 times 10,000 cells with a stable stopping point two hours in.

Asteria© Single-cell RNA-seq Benchtop Kit

Benefit from a flexible workflow to plan your experiments on your terms

Save cells by skipping cryofreezing and fixation by process your fresh samples immediately and instrument-free, on your workbench. Adapt the workflow to your schedule thanks to 5 stable stoppings points, the first at 2 hours, to get started no matter when your initial sample is available!

Experience high mRNA capture and gene sensitivity with low multiplet rates

Generate datasets of a high quality similar to microfluidics, minor the instrument and required training!

Accurately identify the cell type populations in your sample and map out the differential gene expression of specific cell subtypes. Check out the results on different sample tissue types!


A simple workflow for optimal performances

Limit the risk of losing important transcriptomic information thanks to an easy-to-use kit, with a step-by-step, intuitive workflow.

Take ownership of the entire process on your workbench, with checkpoints to control the experiment before moving forward or prepare the sample for sequencing.

Cytonaut© – Single-Cell Analysis Software

With the benchtop kit you also gain access to the complementary Cytonaut© single-cell analysis software.

Thanks to its fully cloud-based structure, you can easily generate a count matrix from your raw sequencing data using only Scipio’s web interface, with all the required computational power handled on our side. Trust your sequencing data and your analysis thanks to a robust quality control process and checkpoints.


A standalone solution to analyze your single-cell dataset

The Cytonaut Cloud Software covers the entire single-cell analysis workflow, from processing raw sequencing data and controlling sequence quality to providing count matrices and sample quality indicators, as well as post-processing results including differential gene expression and interactive data visualization.

Entirely cloud-based from start to finish

The computational power is fully shouldered by our servers, bypassing the need to install software and use your own computational resources. Trust your sequencing data and your analysis thanks to a robust quality control process and checkpoints.


Make the most out of your single-cell dataset 

With Cytonaut Software you can also generate publication-grade single-cell data visualizations. Confidently identify clusters and sub-clusters of cell subtypes in your sample, analyze your differential gene expression, and support your data interpretation further with trajectory analysis.

Test the software today!

By creating a free Scipio account, you will be able to go through the entire process and play with the currently available features using PBMC and NIH/HEK datasets.

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Asteria single-cell RNA-seq kit Tutorial:


Asteria single-cell RNA-seq kit Tutorial:


Asteria single-cell RNA-seq kit Tutorial:


Asteria single-cell RNA-seq kit Tutorial:

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