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MGISP-Smart 8 - Pipetting Robot

As a flexible automation pipetting workstation, MGISP-Smart 8 can cover different use scenarios in genomics, cell biology, proteomics, drug development, microbial screening, and more.

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Art No | 900-000334-00
MGISTP-7000 High-throughput automated sample transfer processing system

The brandnew MGISTP-7000 is a high-throughput automated sample transfer processing system - up to 7'000 samples/day!

It integrates tube decapping, tube recapping, barcode identification, automated liquid transfer and negative pressure protection. It decreases steps and delivers the quality and reliability you expect. You can transfer 192 samples from screw cap transport tubes or plain tubes to 96-Well Microplates in 40 minutes.

Two channel independent pipette heads, offer a volume range from l0uL to l000uL. Enabling flexibil­ity efficiency, safety and process quality. All the steps are integrated in a closed and negative pressure system. Two HEPA-filtration and one UV light ensure a safer working environment for both liquid transfer and lab technicians.

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Art No | 900-000152-00
MGISP-960RS High-throughput Automated Sample Preparation System - 8 to 96 samples/run

MGISP-960 High-throughput Automated Sample Preparation System is a flexible, fully automated workstation with a built-in NGS sample-prep process and more tailored workflows to satisfy each lab’s needs and budget. Handling 8 to 96 sample during a run, it has a 24-position board supporting multiple combinations of functional modules. Applications are available for genomics, cell biology, drug discovery, protein science, analytical chemistry, etc.

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Art No | 900-000403-00
MGISTP-3000 automated benchtop sample transfer processing system

One Touch, Endless Convenience! Flexible closure tubes solutions.

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Art No | 900-000206-00
MGISP-100RS DNA Sequencing Library Preparation System

MGISP-100 Automated Sample Preparation System is an automated workstation specialized for high-throughput sequencing library preparation.

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