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26'900.00 CHF

Get the 5-channel QuantGene 9600 for only CHF 19'900 until 31.07.2024!

Mature thermoelectric refrigeration technology, brand-new light source and light path design


The unique constant current power supply and a 6-zone independent temperature control method ensure a fast, accurate and stable in fluorescence quantitative analysis.

The system adopts modular design, with a variety of configuration options, at the same time, the addition of temperature gradient, sample 4°C cryopreservation, automatic dehumidification and other functions and fully meet the scientific research and clinical medical needs.

  • 5 channels 
  • New thermoelectric refrigeration technology
  • Multiple analysis modes
  • 6 zone gradient temperature range
  • Fast heating rate of 6 °C/sec
  • Parallel light path system intensifies flourescence signal
  • New internal automatic heating lid system
  • International standard user interface
  • Mobile phone control and monitoring capability 

Top Imaging Photoelectric Detection

QuantGene 9600 Real-Time Thermocycler
  • Top imaging technology was adopted to collect 96-well fluorescent signals without detection time difference. Fast detection, single channel detection needs only 1 second
  • A new array of flat-field light source can greatly improve the excitation optical effect and enhance the fluorescence signal
  • The excitation and detection channels adopt independent filter wheels, which can cope with secondary excitation detection experiments without expanding the channel, such as the application of double hybrid prope
  • The cluster conduction design of high-end optical fiber is adopted to improve the fluorescence signal strength, reduce the optical conduction loss, and eliminate the edge optical path difference without calibration

6 Partition Thermal Cycling Module

6 partition thermal cycling module
  • The use of 72 series long life semiconductor refrigeration (Ferrotec Peltier) – life time is 3 times higher than traditional TE
  • Micro heat pipe array technology – improve the heat conduction efficiency
  • 6 partition accurate & independent temperature control – improve the reaction speed
  • High temperature uniformity and fast ramping speed

Intelligent adjustable Hot Cover

  • Built-in high sealing hot cover to avoid reagent volatilization
  • Hot cover can be automatically adjusted to fit various kinds of test tubes

Automatic Pop-up Sample Bin

QuantGene 9600 Real-Time Thermocycler

Full adaptable Software System

  • Large touch screen software operation, new humanized operation interface, greatly improve customer’s experience
  • Equipped with mobile phone/tablet APP to realize remote operation and real-time monitoring by users
  • The new UI design of international standards, to adapt to the mainstream market useres at home and abroad operation habits
  • Flexible program setting, comprehensive analysis and reporting functions, all parameters can be stored
  • Intelligent software system, no need for debugging gain, wide range of linear analysis, good reproducibility of experimental results

Touch version software

APP software

Absolute quantification – Fluorescence detection constistency test

Test summary:

The test data of 96 samples shown in the figure above were analyzed according to the baseline threshold method: avgCt=24.40667,
std=0.049133, and CV=0.2%, indicating that QuantGene 9600 real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR analyzer had very good
repeatability in fluorescence detection wells.

Absolute quantification – Fluorescence detection sensitivity test

Test summary:

As shown in the figure above, it can be seen from the 1.5 times concentration of the HBV fluorescence quantitative detection kit
that the measured mean Ct value of 1.5 times concentration is 0.595 different from that of 1 times concentration (the theoretical Ct value
should be 0.58 different), indicating that the fluorescence detection sensitivity of QuantGene 9600 real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR
analyzer is high.

Melting curve – Comparative test with an imported brand instrument

End-point fluorescent genotyping – KASP genotyping test

Test summary:

It can be seen from the melting curve of the above comparison test that,
based on the same test conditions, the melting curve of QuantGene 9600
real-time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR analyzer has more obvious peak
effect and higher fluorescence detection sensitivity.

Test summary:

From the experimental data shown in the chart, it can be
seen that genotypes and phenotypes are consistent, indicating that the
results of KASP genotyping test are correct.


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Product model


Sample capacity

96 x 0.2mL (suitable for single tube, 8-row tube, 96-well plate (non skirt & half skirt)

Reaction system

10-100uL (96 module)

Dynamic range



Qualitative/absolute quantitative, relative quantitative, SNP analysis, fusion curve method genotyping, standard curve, fusion curve, allele identification, gradient, HRM, automatic gain, user defined parameters, etc.

Detection of the channels

F1: FAM, SYBR, GreenI…



F4: Cy5, Quasar-670

F5: Cy5.5, Quasar-705

F6: custom

Excitation wavelength


Fluorescence detection wavelenght



Differences as low as 1.5 times in copy number, can be distinguished in single weight reactions

Module operation temperature range

4~99.9°C (minimum setting scale 0.1°C)

Maximum ramping rate


Temperature control precision

≤ ± 0.1°C

Temperature uniformity

≤ ± 0.2°C

Hot cover temperature range

30~110°C (adjustable, default 105°C)

Gradient control

6-zone temperature control

Interface way

USB, bluetooth

Input power

100-240V, 50/60Hz

Dimensions (L x W x H)

49 x 29 x 39.1cm

Net weight


Security protection and alarm

Overheat protection and alarm for hot cover, overheat protection for switching power supply

Safety Certification

CE / EMC / RoHS2.0 / VD

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