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The MGISP-NE384 is a high-throughput automated nucleic acid extractor adopting magnetic rod technology.


The MGISP-NE384 extracts and purifies nucleic acid from 96 | 192 | 288 | 384 samples within 30 minutes - worldwide the highest throughput.

A Hepa filtration system and a UV lamp ensure a safe working environment for nucleic acid extractions and lab technicians.

Technical Principle

The nucleic acid extraction and purification is performed in four automated steps - lysis, binding, washing and elution. Using magnetic rods and disposable tips, MGISP-NE384 is intended for automated moving and processing of magnetic particles in up to four 96-well plates.


    Mixing and magnetic module Z axis independent control, 1-4 modules running choice for 96/192/288/384 samples.
    Moving and processing magnetic particles, extracting and purifying nucleic acid from 384 samples.
  • SAFE
    HEPA filtration system and UV lamp, ISO Class 5, avoiding cross-contamination and ensuring a safe working environment.
    Reliable hardware design, 96-well plate reagent and disposable tip, minimizing operational errors.

Available for research and diagnostics.

MGISP-NE384 inside

Workflow Magnetic Beads

Step 1

Sample Lysis

Workflow Magnetic beads

Step 2

Transfer of Magnetic Beads

Workflow Magnetic beads

Step 3

DNA/RNA bindig to Magnetic Beads

Workflow Magnetic beads

Step 4

3 wash steps

Workflow Magnetic beads

Step 5

DNA/RNA Elution

Workflow Magnetic beads

Step 6

Removal of Magnetic Beads


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384 samples

Processing Volume

20-1000 µL

Working Position

4×6 96-well plate working position

Temperature Control, Lysis/Elution Well

From +5°C above ambient temperature to 115°C

Temperature Precision


Mixing & Magnetic Module


Mixing Module

Z axis independent control, 1-4 modules running choice

UV Lamp

More than 100’000μW.s/cm2

HEPA Filtration System

99.99% at 3µm

Operating Interface

23-inch built-in touch screen, Windows software

Program Management

Create, edit and delete program

Dimensions (LxWxH)

122.5 x 74 x 96cm



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