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This kit is suitable for extracting genomic DNA from blood, saliva, dried blood spots, buccal swabs, animal tissues and other samples.


The kit uses a set of standardized operating procedures: sample processing, magnetic bead adsorption, washing and elution. GenePure automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification instruments can be used to extract 32-96 samples at a time.

  • Wide range of application coverage,  such as blood, body fluids, tissues, cells, buccal swabs, dried blood spots, etc. It is extremely versatile
  • Simple and Fast, suitable for various automated system
  • Safe and non-toxic, no organic reagents such as phenol imitation
  • Stable and precise performance, high yield


Wide applications

Extraction of whole blood (fresh anticoagulated whole blood, frozen blood, bone marrow blood), saliva, oral swabs, animal tissues, dried blood spots and other samples.

The purified DNA can be used directly in downstream


Different samples can be extracted on the instrument at the same time using the same procedure.

Rapid extraction

Fast, efficient, and high-throughput extraction of high-quality genomic DNA.


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Single Sample Size
  • whole blood, saliva & other body fluid: ≤250μL
  • Animal tissue: ≤50mg
  • Cultured cells: ≤1×108
  • Dried blood spots: 3×3mm 3~8 pieces, 6×6mm 1~3 pieces
DNA Yield
  • whole blood, saliva & other body fluid: ≤2μg/200μL
  • Animal tissue: 2~15μg/30mg
  • Cultured cells: 2~8μg/5×105
DNA Purity


Operation Time

45 – 60 min.

Supporting Tools

Magnetic separation rack (optional)

Supporting Instrument

NE32 – atuomatic nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument

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