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Quantify and qualify DNA, RNA and protein samples in seconds with only 1-2 µL.


Move one step closer to your research goals with an ergonomic, standalone spectrophotometer with high-resolution, touch screen interface. Powerful auto-range pathlength technology facilitates accurate measurements for concentrated samples with no need for dilutions.

Prevent costly delays with an enhanced understanding of sample quality using the NanoDrop™ One Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometers.

The Innovative Acclaro™ Sample Intelligence technology is built into every instrument for improved measurement accuracy and contaminant identification. Quantify and qualify DNA, RNA, and protein samples in seconds with only 1-2 µL, and obtain full-spectral data before you decide to use samples in downstream applications.

The NanoDrop™ OneC instruments save you days of troubleshooting experiments and streamline workflows with these enhancements:

  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance (optional)
  • Acclaro Sample Intelligence
  • Minimal Sample Preparation
  • No Consumables Required
  • Fast and Easy Measurements
  • Versatile Data Management
  • Additional Cuvette Position
  • Distinguishing DNA and RNA in your samples

NanoDrop OneC Highlights

  • Contains both pedestal and cuvette positions to expand experimental flexibility and increase the dynamic range.
  • Measure dilute samples, perform kinetics experiments and take optical density measurements of bacterial cultures.
  • Cuvette position includes temperature control and stirring.

NanoDrop One/Nanodrop OneC PC Software with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

  • NewPC Control software allows users to control the instrument from an Ethernet connected PC – please contact us for the free download link.
  • Optional Thermo Scientific Security Suite for NanoDrop One/OneC allows the instrument to be used in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant lab.
    Features include: User account access | Audit trail | Electronic signatures | Automated data back-up, and more

Distinguishing DNA and RNA in your samples.

with NanoDrop One Spectrophotometer.

The Acclaro Sample Intelligence Technology software for NanoDrop Spectrophotometers now has even more powerful algorithms built in to find and correct nucleic acid contamination in your samples. You get more reliable downstream assay results and avoid potential rework with this efficient new capability.

Acclaro Sample Intelligence Technology

  • Acclaro technology enhances user understanding of sample quality while delivering accurate quantitative measurements. Early identification of contaminants can prevent failure of downstream applications and save days of troubleshooting.
  • Verify sample quality in seconds identify sample contaminants and obtain corrected concentration results.
  • Access information through alerts receive instant feedback about sample quality with on-demand technical support and guided troubleshooting.
  • Rely on accurate results  ensure measurement integrity with embedded sensor and digital image analysis.

Distinguishing DNA and RNA with NanoDrop Spectrophotometers!

How it works:

Acclaro software employs chemometric algorithms to process sample spectra and differentiate dsDNA absorbance from RNA absorbance. When the software identifies a contaminant, it notifies users with a yellow triangle next to the sample.

Selecting the yellow icon displays the original sample, the contaminant, and the corrected analyte spectra. A table reports the corrected concentration, so you know what contaminant is present and whether to use the sample in downstream experiments.

You can proceed with confidence in the rest of your analysis.

NanoDrop One/NanoDrop OneC Enhancements

  • Ergonomic, standalone design – integrated Android™ tablet eliminates the need for a separate computer and provides seamless data transfer via Wireless, Ethernet or USB.
  • Auto-Measure and Auto-Blank functions – multi-sample processing can be streamlined with instant measurements that occur when the pedestal arm is down. These functions can be turned ON or OFF with a single tap on the screen.
  • Wider dynamic range – no dilutions required for highly concentrated samples (dsDNA at 27,500 ng/µL) with auto-range pathlength technology
  • Integrated Learning Center – an archive of technical support documents and educational animations at your fingertips.

Advanced Connectivity for Data Storage, Printing and Sharing

  • Multiple choices for data export: transfer results with a USB, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to your PC.
  • View, organize and share data on a PC: Once exported, you can view the full-data formats (e.g., contaminant analysis spectral graphs) and organize experiments using the NanoDrop One/OneC PC Control software.
  • Easy data-to-printer options: Print your results directly from the NanoDrop One instrument via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB printer connection; print exported data from your PC using the Nanodrop One/OneC PC Control software.
NanoDrop OneC

NanoDrop One/NanoDrop OneC Capabilities

  • Wide spectral range (190-850 nm) for measuring a variety of samples types:
    – Peptides (205 nm)
    – DNA and RNA (260 nm)
    – Purified protein (280 nm)
    – Toxicology assays and industrial dyes (490 nm)
    – Gold nanoparticles (520 nm)
    – Colorimetric protein assays (BCA 562 nm, Bradford 595 nm, Modified Lowry 650 nm, Pierce 660 660 nm)
    – Optical Density measurements (600 nm)
  • Combining the patented* sample-retention system with cuvette capability accommodates low and high concentrations (2.0 – 27,500 ng/µL dsDNA and 0.06 – 820 mg/mL BSA)
  • Pedestal measurements that require only 1 – 2 µL of your sample and do not require sample dilution, even for highly concentrated samples
  • Calculates sample purity ratios (A260/A280 nm and A260/A230 nm)
  • Pre-configured methods for DNA, Protein A280, Microarray, Protein and Labels, Pierce 660, Bradford, BCA, and Lowry
  • User-friendly software includes custom methods and data export capabilities
    *Patents US6628382 and US6809826

Protein quantification and qualification

Fast, accurate assessments of sample concentration and purity

This application note compendium includes valuable technical documents, application notes, and protocols for measuring proteins using direct and indirect measurements. Additionally, this practical collection contains best practices for sample preparation and measurement to help ensure accurate analysis.

Nucleic Acid Resource Guide

NanoDrop One and Acclaro Sample Intelligence Technology

Learn how to prevent costly delays with an enhanced understanding of sample quality using the NanoDrop™ One Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometers.

Implementing the NanoDrop One Spectrophotometer
in Gold Nanoparticle and Nanoshell Applications

The four applications described herein showcase the easy-to-use NanoDrop One/OneC spectrophotometer, which can be implemented into any laboratory that is investigating gold nanoparticle and nanoshell experimental methods.


Thermo Fisher Scientific
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21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

The optional Security Suite for NanoDrop One/OneC allows the instrument to be used in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant lab.

  • User account access
  • Audit trail
  • Electronic signatures
  • Automated data back-up, and more



Nucleic Acid A260, A260/A280, A260/A230 and Labeled Nucleic Acids;
Protein A280 and A205, Protein Pierce 660, Protein Bradford, Protein BCA, Protein Lowry, Labeled Proteins, OD600, Kinetics, UV-Vis, and Custom Methods


Three USB-A ports, Ethernet, Bluetooth™ and Wi-Fi 

Detection Range

dsDNA: Pedestal: 2.0 ng/µL; Cuvette: 0.2 ng/µL
BSA (IgG): Pedestal: 0.06 (0.03) mg/mL; Cuvette: 0.006 (0.003) mg/mL


English, Spanish, Polish, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Chinese

Pathlength (Metric)

0.030 to 1.0 mm auto-ranging

Photometric Accuracy Instrument

3% at 0.97 A, 302 nm

(Absorbance expressed at Abs/mm at 25°C)

Spectral Bandwidth

≤1.8 nm (FWHM at Hg 254 nm)

Wavelength Range

190 – 850 nm

Lower Limit of Detection

Pedestal: 2 ng/μL (dsDNA) 0.06 mg/mL (BSA) Cuvette: 0.2 ng/μL (dsDNA) 0.006 mg/mL (BSA)

Maximum Concentration

Pedestal: 27,500 ng/μL (dsDNA) 820 mg/mL (BSA)

Instrument Control

Built-in touchscreen or computer software

Software Compatibility

Standalone control.
PC Software: Windows® 10 Professional (64 bit)

Power Consumption

Operating: 12–18 W

Standby: 5 W


NanoDrop™ PR-1 Reconditioning Kit

Size: 1 Kit

Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop PR-1 Reconditioning Kit is used for reconditioning the sample measurement pedestals to a hydrophobic state if they become unconditioned.

155.00 CHF
155.00 CHF
Art No | CHEM-PV-1
PV-1 Performance Verification Solution

Calibrated solution used to allow user to verify correct wavelength and photometric performance of the instrument.

135.00 CHF
135.00 CHF
1'470.00 CHF
1'470.00 CHF
3'050.00 CHF
3'050.00 CHF
Art No | 840-329700
Security Software for NanoDrop One/OneC - enables 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

The trusted NanoDrop One Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer can be used in regulated environments such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

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