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Next generation 8 sample microvolume spectrophotometer with advanced contaminant ID features


The new Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Eight spectrophotometer enables users to quantify eight microvolume samples at a time whilst identifying and correcting for common contaminants.

Quantify 8 samples in 20 seconds or less and a whole 96 well plate in under 6 minutes

Sample Quality
Advanced Acclaro technology identifies and corrects for key contaminants in both nucleic acid and protein samples, including mammalian DNA/RNA differentiation

Intuitive Operation
Familiar pipette, measure and wipe workflow. Auto blank and measure when lowering sample arm. Ergonomic ambidextrous pipetting with moveable pipetting guide. Sample position illuminator highlights the samples to load

Pharma Ready
Powerful new PC control software allows easy data export into industry leading LIMS packages. Optional SciVault software allows compliance with 21 CFR part 11

Microvolume Analysis
Quantify as little as 1 microlitre. Auto-ranging pathlengths allow you to measure up to 10,000 ng/ul dsDNA without the need for dilution

  • 8 pedestal array for measurements of up to 8 samples in 20 seconds
  • Autoranging pedestal pathlengths for measuring undiluted samples
  • Acclaro Sample Intelligence technology: warning when a purity ratio is out of tolerance, identificying sample contaminants in dsDNA, RNA, and Protein A280. Differentiates between mammalian dsDNA and RNA within the dsDNA and RNA applications
  • Designed to allow the top LIMs software products to easily import and store measurement data
  • 1 year warranty

Including PR-1 kit & PV-1

Quantify with confidence

Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop™ Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometers have been trusted by scientists worldwide for over 20 years. The ease with which a concentrated DNA, RNA or protein sample can be measured without dilution has made NanoDrop instruments as common in labs as a cup of coffe and a cell phone.

The next generation 8-channel NanoDrop Eight Spectrophotometer offers enhanced capabilities so you can be sure samples are right for downstream assays:

  • Expanded detection limits
    up to 10’000 ng/uL of dsDNA and 145 mg/mL of IgG
  • Intelligent analysis
    software provides concentration AND identifies and corrects for common impurities found in nucleic acid and protein samples
  • Pharma ready
    optional 21 CFR Part 11 software makes compliance easy, and data output is ready for LIMS integration
NanoDrop Eight - quantify with confidence

Right the first time

The power of NanoDrop Eight Spectrophotometers is boosted by AcclaroTM Sample Intelligence technology. This software identifies impurities and provides corrected concentratins so downstream reactions can be successful the first time.

Acclaro Contaminant Identification ensures samples are high quality

Sample contamination can inhibit downstream reactions of falsely elevate calculated concentrations, which can create uncertainty in experimental results. Acclaro technology ensures samples are high quality so downstream efforts can be successful and costly rework is avoided.

NanoDrop Eight - Acclaro technology

Every second counts

Quantifying your sample doesn’t have to take long. The NanoDrop Eight Spectrophotometer measures 8 microvolume samples in 20 seconds or less and a 96-well plate in under 6 minutes. Plus there are more enhancements to speed up your analyses.

  • Automatic measurements
    The Auto-Blank and Auto-Measure features built into the NanoDrop Eight Software initate the sample measurement as soon as the arm is lowered
  • Ergonimic ambidextrous pipetting
    The pedestral array is aligned perpendicular to the front of the instrument creating a natural pipetting motion for users; the pipette guide is magnetic and movable from side-to-side allowing left- and right-handes users to quickly and comfortably dispense samples
  • Sample position Illuminator
    Never confuse which samples need to be measured next; the LEDs in the sample position Illuminator light up to keep measuements on track
NanoDrop Eight - every second counts

Regulatory compliance made easy

Ensuring the integrity of scientific data can be required from pharmaceutical and biotech companies to biobanks and academics working on clinical trials. Optional SciVaultTM Software helps your lab stay compliant with federal data regulations every step of the way.

  • Streamline management
    Optional SciVault Software integrates into NanoDrop Eight software user interface
  • Comply with 21 CFR Part 11
    Control user account, apply digital signatures, and review audit logs
  • Network multiple instruments
    Install SciVault software on a central computer to control privileges and view audit logs across multiple NanoDrop Eight Instruments in different labs
  • Valdidate your systems
    IQ/OQ documents and services available to confirm your instrument is running within manufacturer’s specifications
NanoDrop Eight

Software updates make your lab time more productive

  • Ready to start
    NanoDrop Eight Software comes hard-coded with the most frequently used measurement applications including dsDNA, RNA, Protein A280, and UV-Vis. Optional 21 CFR part 11 software is also immediately available for the instrument
  • Always improving
    User input keeps NanoDrop software constantly moving forward with updates that deliver greater capabilities and efficiencies in the lab

Data comes together the way you want

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are an increasingly popular way to manage data generated by multiple instruments across different platforms. NanoDrop Eight Software exports data in formats easily captured by industry-leading LIMS software.

  • Data flexibility
    Format files to include absorbance data, report data or both
  • Universal file format
    Data can be output as tab-separated or comma-separated values
  • Automated exports
    Set a directory for data to be automatically exported; have your LIMS software sweep the folder to pull in NanoDrop Eight instrument data for archiving
NanoDrop Eight

Nucleic Acid

  • Perfect for high throughput UV-Vis spectroscopy. Quantify as little as 1 ul sample
  • Measure up to 8 samples at a time
  • Broad dynamic range (2 – 10,000 ng/ul dsDNA) means no need to dilute your samples
  • Automatic calculation of sample concentration and purity ratios for dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA samples
  • Spectral scans provide information about potential contaminants and help to improve overall sample quality
  • Acclaro sample intelligence technology identifies and corrects for common contaminants (protein, guanidine salts and phenol)
  • Mammalian DNA/RNA differentiation with concentration correction


  • This 8 channel spectrophotometer can quantify as little as 2 ul of your protein samples
  • Protein A280 module for accurate quantification of purified proteins
  • Coefficients stored for common protein standards or enter your own
  • Broad dynamic range (0.06 – 300 mg/ml BSA) removes the need for dilutions
  • Identify and correct for nucleic acid contamination in your purified protein samples using chemometrics
  • UV-Vis module allows A205 measurements to be carried out for peptides or proteins lacking tryptophan or tyrosine residues

Data Handling

  • PC controlled system
  • Utilise Windows logins for access control
  • Customise user preferences and data handling for individual users
  • Import sample ID lists, manually name samples using a keyboard or use barcodes
  • Format data exports to include absorbance data, report data or both
  • Export data in a range of formats including .csv and .tsv
  • Data formats compatible with leading LIMS platforms for easy integration
  • Set a directory for data export and then get your LIMS to sweep this folder for archiving
  • Optional SciVault software allows compliance with 21 CFR part 11
  • Install SciVault onto a central computer to control privileges and view audit logs across multiple NanoDrop Eight instruments in different labs


Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Minimum sample volume

1 uL

Limit of detection
  • dsDNA (RNA): 2.0 ng/uL (1.6 ng/uL)
  • BSA (IgG): 0.06 mg/mL (0.03 mg/mL)
Maximum concentration
  • dsDNA (RNA): 10’000 ng/uL (8’000 ng/uL)
  • BSA (IgG): 300 mg/mL (145 mg/mL)
Measurement & data processing time

8 samples in <20 sec.

Measurement repeatability

typical: 0.002 A (1.0 mm path) or 1%CV, whichever is greater


Range: 190 – 850 nm

Accuracy: ± 1 nm


Range: 0.04 – 200 Abs (10mm equivalent)

Accuracy: 3% at 0.97 A, 302 nm, 23 ± 2C°

Resolution (spectral bandwidth)

≤ 1.8 nm (FWHM at Hg 254 nm


1.0mm, 0.2mm, 0.1mm (automaticall adjusting)

Light source

Xenon flash lamp


2048-element CMOS linear image sensor

Dimensions (W x D x H) / Weight

24 x 33 x 17cm, 3.7kg


USB 3.0 Port

PC software requirements

Microsoft Windows® 10 Version 1607 Professional or Enterprise

Application support at launch

dsDNA, RNA, Custom Factor, Protein A280, UV-Vis


Art No | CHEM-PV-8
PV-8 Kit for NanoDrop Eight

Calibrated solution used to allow user to verify correct wavelength and photometric performance of the instrument.

250.00 CHF
250.00 CHF
Art No | CHEM-CF-8
CF-8 Calibration Check Fluid for NanoDrop Eight

The NanoDrop CF-8 Calibration Fluid is an aqueous potassium dichromate (K2Cr207) solution for use in confirming spectrophotometer calibration.

250.00 CHF
250.00 CHF

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