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Art No | 5PRIMEG
PRIME G gradient enabled Thermal Cycler

The Prime G is a gradient enabled thermal cycler with all the features of the Prime unit.

from 6'180.00 CHF
Art No | 3PRIMEG
3 PRIME G Gradient Thermal Cycler | 4ºC - 100°C

The 3 Prime G Thermal Cyclers are built on all of the features of the 3 Prime X thermal cycler with thermal gradient.

from 5'990.00 CHF
Art No | 5PRIME
PRIME Thermal Cycler - upgradeable to gradient

The Prime is a stand-alone, flexible and versatile thermal cycler designed to accurately control the temperatures of samples between 4ºC and 100°C.

from 5'440.00 CHF
Art No | 3PRIMEX
3 PRIME X Thermal Cycler | 4ºC - 100°C | upgradeable to gradient

These high-performance thermal cyclers provide robust and reliable operation that is user friendly and easy on the pocketbook.

from 5'340.00 CHF
3 PRIME Basic Thermal Cycler | 4ºC - 100°C | no gradient

A small personal Thermal Cycler - the ideal instrument for researching and teaching laboratories.

from 4'110.00 CHF
PRIME gradient upgrade
990.00 CHF
3 PRIME X gradient upgrade
820.00 CHF

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