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Art No | LAB-02-O
2'950.00 CHF
2'950.00 CHF


A revolution in the sterilization of liquid media

Microjet Autoclave offers:

  • Direct energy transfer technology
    The thermal energy required for sterilization is supplied directly to the medium. Microwaves are used as the energy source, so that heating of the medium is immediate and uniform.
  • Sterilization completed in 12 minutes
    Owing to the application of direct energy transfer technology, the sterilization of liquid media is accomplished within a very short time. The exposure to high temperatures is very short (60-90 seconds). This minimizes the decomposition of microbiological medium.
  • Autoclave operation intuitive, no extra training required
    Using the touchscreen, which displays the progress of the sterilization process, you can operate all its functions. All you need is a standard electrical socket. Just plug it in and start to work.
  • Sterilization of standard lab ware, up to 500 ml
    Liquid media can be sterilized in standard laboratory vessels of 100 to 500 ml capacity and temperature resistant up to 135 °C.Watch the video presentation of the MICROJET here>>


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