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Art No | 45-5000
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The BLItz® System brings label-free analysis to individual researchers, and is affordably priced so everyone can have one. With this personal assay system, you can run protein quantitation and kinetics experiments in only 4 µL of sample - right at your own lab bench.

You can easily test column fractions for presence of your protein of interest, check protein activity before starting a complex experiment, characterize proteins in cell lysates in their folded state or monitor protein expression. The BLItz system gives you results in a just a few seconds or minutes - not the hours it takes with gels, blots or other methods. All you need is a drop of sample!



  • Determine protein presence/absence instantly
  • Analyze binding kinetics at your bench
  • Quantitate proteins in seconds
  • Develop immunoassays in minutes
  • Perform reagent QC testing
  • Identify mechanism of action
  • Run protein engineering studies
Instant protein presence

Detect the presence or absence of active proteins in just a drop of sample, and easily identify specific proteins in complex solutions. Data from the BLItz System complements existing methods like blots and gels, and its real-time binding curves give instant visual confirmation.

Easy reagent QC testing

Rapidly identifying specific proteins with immunoassay-based techniques like ELISA or HPLC add many hours to the process and delay results. With the BLItz System, proteins and antibodies can be quantitated in a matter of seconds with high specificity and sensitivity, even in crude samples.

Smarter assay development

Monitoring the effects of changing conditions on binding interactions in real time, the BLItz System lets you develop better immunoassays in only a few minutes. Find the best antibody pairs, identify the best assay parameters, and even build and optimize an ELISA step by step.

Faster protein quantitation

Measure protein concentration without labeling or secondary reagents — even in crude media. With a wide dynamic range and sensitivity down to a few ng/mL, the BLItz System gives you accurate quantitation in seconds compared to traditional methods that can often take hours.

Effortless kinetics

Get rate and affinity constants for binding interactions (ka, kd, KD) in minutes using only 4µL of sample. With both a small price and a small size, the BLItz System can be your own personal label-free kinetics system. Ready to go right out of the box, its simple workflows let you run assays right at your lab bench with ease.


Using the BLItz® System is Easy. Just take the system out of the box. You can start running protein characterization assays right at your lab bench, right away.

  • 1. Pipette a 4 µL drop of sample into the sample holder.
  • 2. Install a biosensor.
  • 3. Select your assay and click GO. The BLItz® System starts giving you results immediately!

Biosensors available:

  • Anti-Human Fc Capture (AHC)
  • Anti-mlgG-Fc Capture (AMC)
  • Anti-Human IgG Quantitation (AHQ)
  • Anti-Murine IgG Quantitation (AMQ)
  • Aminopropylsilane (APS)
  • Amine Reactive (AR2G)
  • Anti-Human Fab-CH1 (FAB)
  • Anti-GST (GST)
  • Anti-Penta-HIS (HIS)
  • Ni-NTA (NTA)
  • Protein A (ProA)
  • Protein G (ProG)
  • Protein L (ProL)
  • Streptavidin (SA)
  • Super Streptavidin (SSA)


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Bio-layer Interferometry (BLI)

Sample volume

4 ul


17.4cm H x 15.3cm W x 22.2cm D


3.3 kg


100-240 V AC, 0.2-0.1 A, 50/60 Hz, 8 W


Art No | 18-5019
Biosensor / Streptavidin (SA)Tray

For kinetic analysis, screening, and quantitation of most proteins

830.00 CHF
830.00 CHF
570.00 CHF
570.00 CHF
480.00 CHF
480.00 CHF
Art No | 18-5060
Biosensor / Anti-hIgG Fc Capture(AHC) Tray
Instant determination of protein presence using the BLItz system
730.00 CHF
730.00 CHF
Art No | 18-5082
Biosensor / Protein G Tray

For quantitation of antibody concentration

670.00 CHF
670.00 CHF
Art No | 18-5085
Biosensor / Protein L Tray

For Whole Molecule Antibody and Antibody Fragment Quantitation

670.00 CHF
670.00 CHF
730.00 CHF
730.00 CHF
830.00 CHF
830.00 CHF
1'270.00 CHF
1'270.00 CHF
Art No | 18-5096
Biosensor / Anti-GST (GST) Tray

For quantitation and kinetic characterization of GST-tagged biomolecules

790.00 CHF
790.00 CHF
Art No | 18-5101
Biosensor / Ni-NTA (NTA) Tray

Full compatibility with the BLItz platform further enables the measurement of precious samples with a sample volume requirement as low as 4 μL.

830.00 CHF
830.00 CHF
Art No | 18-5114
Biosensor / Anti-HIS (HIS2) Tray

For Label-Free Quantitation of HIS-tagged Proteins

830.00 CHF
830.00 CHF
Art No | 18-5117
Biosensor / High PrecisionStreptavidin (SAX) Tray

For high precision quantitation and kinetic characterization

990.00 CHF
990.00 CHF
890.00 CHF
890.00 CHF
150.00 CHF
150.00 CHF
95.00 CHF
95.00 CHF
75.00 CHF
75.00 CHF

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