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Streamline your workflow with Jet Biofil's high-quality plastic Pasteur pipets!


These versatile pipettes offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for transferring non-fixed volumes of liquids in your laboratory or research setting.

  • Slender tube tip, easy for removing liquids from narrow-mouthed or small containers
  • Transparent and scale-free for easy observation
  • Irradiation sterilization, SAL 10-6
  • DNase/RNase-free, non-pyrogenic

Available in two lengths:

  • 145mm: Ideal for smaller volume transfers and confined spaces.
  • 230mm: Perfect for handling larger volumes or deeper containers.

Choose from two packaging options:

  • Individual packages (paper/plastic): Maintain sterility and ensure easy access for single use.
  • Bulk: Economical option for frequent use.


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