Standard Pipette tips sterile Archive – Witec AG

Art No | T-1000-HS-T
Pipette tips 1000uL - sterile
from 84.80 CHF
Art No | T-1250-HS-T
Pipette tips 1250uL - sterile
from 82.80 CHF
Art No | T-300-HS-T
Pipette tips 300uL - sterile
from 71.90 CHF
Art No | T-100-HS-T
Pipette tips 100uL - sterile
from 63.70 CHF
from 63.70 CHF
Art No | T-200-HS-T
Pipette tips 200uL - sterile
from 63.70 CHF
from 56.60 CHF

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