Entry Level High-End Western Blot Imager


The Fusion Solo 6S represents the ideal imaging system for quantification grade imaging.

Chemiluminescent Western blot data poses distinct challenges in producing reproducible data. These problems stem from a low-dynamic range of detection and the difficulty in accurately determining the limit of detection. The Fusion Solo eliminates all these issues thanks to its high sensitivity reading camera technology which delivers reliable dynamic range, linearity and sensitivity for the lowest limit of detection.

  • Camera: The Evo-6 CCD camera for native 6.3 MP image resolution (extendable to 20 MP) with large field-of-view and cooling down to -30°C for minimum noise
  • Optics: Unique manual F-0.70 lens especially produced for imaging applications with the best specifications on the market, automated focussing on the used tray position
  • Dark room: Fully automated, software controlled darkroom with choice of trans-illuminator for gel documentation or Spectra module for multi-colour fluorescence based applications
  • Filter wheel: Fully automated 7-position filter wheel
  • Transilluminator options: Range of transilluminator for UV, blue LED and white light applications
  • Color imaging for molecular weight markers
  • License free Software: New, easy-to-use FusionCapt Software adapted to workflows - one click to get the perfect image. Integrates marker addition, 3-D dynamic scan as well as a complete quantification package
  • Upgradeability: System can be upgraded to multi-colour fluorescence applications


1. Transillumination Pads - your Applications At Your Fingertips

UV Pad for DNA and RNA gels and fluorescence stain imaging: Ethidium Bromide, SYBR-Safe, SYBR-Green, Gel-Red, Gel-Green, SYBR-Gold, GFP, Pro-Q Emerald, Sypro Ruby, FITC, DAPI…

  • UV-Pad Edge 26M | UV 312nm-Filter size 21x26cm
  • Super-Bright Pad Edge 26MX | Super-Bright 312nm-Filter size 21x26cm
  • TFS-26.LM UV-Pad 26LM 230V | UV 312+365nm (LM), filter 21x21cm
  • TFS-26.LMX UV-Pad 26LMX 230V | Super-Bright 312+365nm (LMX), 21x21cm


White Pad or white light conversion screen for colorimetric stained protein gels, X-Ray film, autorads, SSCP gels, colony dish and flask imaging and other EPI white light applications: Coomassie Blue, Silver Stain, Ponceau S Red, Copper stain…

  • TFS-20.W White-Pad 100/230V | White light - LED -Sample size 20x20cm


Blue Pad or blue light conversion screen for DNA/RNA detection (avoid “nicking” DNA): SYBR-Safe, SYBR-Green, eGFP…

  • TFS-20.SkyLight Sky-Pad 100-230V | Blue 470nm-Filter size 20x20cm


2. Fluorescent excitation channels: Unlimited multi-colour fluorescence applications:

The Spectra Light Capsules* are powerful fluorescence exciters with focused light for uniform illumination and enhanced power. Achieve the desired narrow spectral bandwidth by selecting 1 from our set of 8 Capsules or by customizing your own light spectrum:

  • SPECTRA-Capsule-IR-780nm
  • SPECTRA-Capsule-IR-740nm
  • SPECTRA-Capsule-680nm
  • SPECTRA-Capsule-NIR-640nm
  • SPECTRA-Capsule-Green-530nm
  • SPECTRA-Capsule-Blue-480nm
  • SPECTRA-Capsule-UV-365nm
  • SPECTRA-Capsule-Deep-Blue-440nm

* requires Spectra Capsule Adapter


3. SPECTRA emission filter:

  • F-535Y M58 Interference Filter Y2
  • F-565 M58 Interference Filter Qdot
  • F-595Y M58 Interference Filter Y3
  • F-655 M58 Interference Filter Qdot
  • F-695Y M58 Interference Filter Y5
  • F-710 M58 Interference Filter Qdot
  • F-740NIR M58 Interference Filter
  • F-820IR M58 Interference Filter
  • F-840-DEEP-IR Narrow bandpass filter
  • F-750 Narrow bandpass filter-Y5.5


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6.3 (-20) megapixels

Pixel size

4.5 microns

Absolute cooling



V-0.70 fixed lens

Filter wheel

7 positions (manual




2'600.00 CHF
2'600.00 CHF
Art No | 3999 7010 1
SPECTRA Capsule-IR-780nm
3'400.00 CHF
3'400.00 CHF
Art No | 3999 7011 1
SPECTRA Capsule-IR-740nm
3'400.00 CHF
3'400.00 CHF
Art No | 3999 7012 1
3'400.00 CHF
3'400.00 CHF
Art No | 3999 7013 1
SPECTRA Capsule-NIR-640nm
3'400.00 CHF
3'400.00 CHF
Art No | 3999 7014 1
SPECTRA Capsule-Green-530nm
3'400.00 CHF
3'400.00 CHF
Art No | 3999 7015 1
SPECTRA Capsule-Blue-480nm
3'400.00 CHF
3'400.00 CHF
Art No | 3999 7016 1
SPECTRA Capsule-UV-365nm
3'400.00 CHF
3'400.00 CHF
3'400.00 CHF
3'400.00 CHF

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