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The NEWTON 7.0 BIO is a highly sensitive optical imaging system dedicated to the imaging of plants. It combines the best optics and technological features for optimum scientific images and results.



State-of-the-Art WHOLE PLANT IMAGING system

The NEWTON 7.0 system combines high sensitivity with advanced plant imaging features and user-friendly timesaving operation.

The NEWTON 7.0 proprietary optics have been specifically developed for macro imaging with high light collection capacity, incorporating a unique combination of high numerical aperture and long working distance. Bright fluorescence observation can be performed in a rapid scanning mode that shortens exposure times and minimizes specimen damage. Observation is thus possible even with slight body movement. The fast lens is also ideal for luminescence applications requiring longer exposure time.

The advent of novel fluorescent probes has increased the demands on in-vivo fluorescence imaging systems to be able to deftly handle a variety of simultaneous signals. Our dual magnetron filter technology ensures transmission above 90% and very narrow band cutting - meaning improved spectral separation and increased sensitivity.

The detection spectral range goes from 400 to 900nm, making the NEWTON 7.0 ideal for GFP, YFP or IR applications.

With the NEWTON 7.0 optical imaging system, you can image bioluminescent reporters like firefly luciferase and rapidly quantify the signal. The system allows you to visualize infections in whole plants and leaves, compare plant virology, regulate plants growth or observe the stress tolerance.


  • Comparative Plant Virology
  • Genetic Regulation
  • Infection in plants (virues, disease etc)
  • Regulation of plant growth
  • Stress Tolerance


  • Luciferase expression
  • UV irradiation
  • GFP expression
  • Chlorophyl phosphorescence
  • NIR illumination
Newton BIO plant imaging system

High Resolution CCD camera
10 Megapixels image resolution

Deep CCD Cooling – Best Signal to Noise Ratio
-90°C via 4 Peltier Thermoelectric cooler

Widest lens aperture – Highly sensitive
f/0.7 Proprietary lens

Click To Focus – no manual adjustment
Choose the leaves you want to focus on

Color imaging
Quicker documentation and overlay images

Newton Spectra Capsules

Spectra Capsules of Light

The Spectra Light Capsules are powerful fluorescence exciters with focused light for uniform illumination and enhanced power.

Equipped with primary and secondary optics, the Light Capsules are categorized as Laser Class II due to their intense power.

Benefit from an excellent signal background ratio for imaging and detect the lowest signal concentration.

Spectra Capsules to choose from UV to NIR:

365nm – 530nm – 640nm – 680nm – 740nm – 780nm

Newton BIO plant imaging system



Fully motorized system

Thanks to a motorized CCD block, the camera is able to move up and down according to the number of subjects to image. The highest position will provide a 22x22cm FOV to visualize large plants.

  • X/Y Table
    Rotating sample plate to take images of a plant from different angles
  • Macro imaging mode
Newton BIO plant imaging system


Emission filters

The dual magnetron sputter-coated filter technology ensures transmission above 90% and very narrow band cutting for improved spectral separation and increased sensitivity.

F-595 – F-655 – F-695 – F-710 – F-750 – F-820 – F-850

Newton BIO plant imaging system

Advanced Software

For image editing or image analysis, the license-free software provided with the Newton 7.0 offers enhanced features to make great scientific images with simplicity.

  • Automatic/Manual image acquisition
  • Image Editing
  • Image Analysis

Apps Studio™
The Apps Studio™ contains more than 40 different protocols pre-loaded.

Select from the list the reporter injected in the subject, and the software suggests the best configuration according to detection method chosen, and will automatically set up the system accordingly for the best ease of use.

Time lapse imaging
Images that were acquired during different sessions can be grouped together to form a sequence. For example, a time series could be constructed from images acquired on different days following an experimental treatment.

The software allows to collect and compare the data throughout the experimental treatment


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Bioluminescence detection : femtogram level
Fluorescence detection : picogram level

Camera & Optics
  • Grade 0, zero defect
  • 400-900nm / 4.8 O.D.
  • Image resolution: 10 megapixels
  • Native resolution: 2200×2200
  • Motorized V.070 lens: f/0.70
  • -90°C cooling via 4 Peltier Thermoelectric coolers
  • Minimum FOV: 4x4cm
  • Maximum FOV: 20x20cm
Plant Management
  • 15° Rotating stage on X/Y Axis
  • Z-Axis Motorized Plant stage
Hardware Capabilities

Intelligent Darkroom concept | Fully-automatic system

  • Motorized optical lens
  • Motorized filter wheel
  • Software controlled lighting
  • Automatic visible lighting adjustment
  • Auto-focus & Auto-exposure
Illumination & Filters


  • in-built White-Light LED panels
  • GFP Capsules 440nm + 480nm
Optional Spectra Capsules to choose

from UV to NIR:
365nm – 530nm – 640nm
680nm – 740nm – 780nm

7-Position Motorized filter wheel
GFP filters included (F-535 + F-565)

Optional narrow bandpass emission filters

F-595 – F-655 – F-695
F-710 – F-750 – F-820 – F-850

Technology & Innovation
  • 3D Dynamics Scan™
  • SuperResolution™
  • Apps Studio™
  • ImageMaster™ assistant
  • Click to Focus™
  • Color imaging mode

Free software for image acquisition with full GLP compliance. Molecular weight calculation, band quantification, colony counting, distance calculation, text annotation and image enhancement included.

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