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Bio-1D is the professional software for the analysis of running differences or signal intensities of different imaging sources. Signals can be bands, spots, as well as diffuse dots in gels, dot blots, western blots, leaves, microtitration plates, macro arrays, chromatography plates, yeast cultures or of other origin.

When using the semiautomated 'NextTM tutorial mode', the software guides you step for step through your analysis as following a thread. Thus, even less experienced users find the way through such an analysis. At many points, individual deviations from the proposed standard route can be chosen.

Analyses can be disrupted and saved at any point. Each single step can be reversed or as well modified afterwards without problems. Analogue type analyses can be used as a template for similar data, to e.g. enhance the process in routine work. All analysis data can be exported. Results can be summarized in a report.Extensive analysis suite for imaging data Easy entry with the exclusive 'NextTM tutorial mode' Complete transparency and power of decision about chosen methods and procedures for the user 'Image master' technology: decide for the validity of your analysis Suited for different kinds of imaging sources Template functions accelerate routine analyses State-of-the-art analysis algorithms Analysis of reference value, standard curves and normalisation improve the exactness of the calculations Visualisation of your 1D image data in revealling 3D RGB presentations Prepared for CFR 21 part 11"


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