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5'680.00 CHF
5'680.00 CHF

Bundle offer valid until 31.12.2018 - save CHF 1'570.00!

1 Labcycler basic (Art. 011-103)

1 Thermoblock 96 Alu deep well (Art. 012-108)

1 Kit EchoCLEAN DNA CleanUp - 50 purifications (Art. 020-002-010-050)

CHF 5'680.00* instead of CHF 7'250.00

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Labcycler Basic - the next-generation thermocycler with 5 years of warranty.

  • Highest Accuracy
    6 separately controlled peltier elements, including 6-zone temperature regulation
    Continuously self-calibrating temperature measuring circuitry
  • Extremely silent operation
  • Automated lid
  • Intuitive interface
    Large TFT Touch Screen: quick and easy protocol programming
    Graphic monitoring allows tracking of the PCR process
  • 5 Years of Warranty
  • Flexible block changing system:
    Three gold plated silver blocks (48, 96, and 384 wells)
    Triple Block (3 x 21 wells)
Labcycler basic

Labcycler Basic – the next-generation thermocycler with 5 years of warranty.

The labcycler features a truly intuitive user interface with a coloured touchscreen, a nice design and solid construction.

All that comes with a unique block changing system, giving full flexibility for present and future applications. A choice of three gold plated silver blocks was designed for high speed, yet low energy consumption and good temperature uniformity. These are comple-mented by the Triple Block, which lets you run three independent processes on one machine.

Sustainability and good value were prime considerations. The peltier elements were tested to 600,000 cycles without any failures, giving at least 20 years of lifetime even under the harshest conditions. The silver blocks are electroformed for lowest heat capacity and best heat conductance. This allows high speed with a maximum power of only 350 Watts. The average during a typical run is less than 150 Watts. The result is good performance with low energy consumption, low carbon dioxide footprint, less heat in the lab and, last but not least, less noise from the cooling fans.

Precision is further enhanced by a 6-zone temperature regulation that corrects for any differences between the 6 peltier elements. Each block has its own processor with a continuously self-calibrating temperature measuring circuitry. Indefinite cooling at 4 °C is of course possible, the blocks even go down to -5 °C.

Although the user interface is quite self-explanatory, a context sensitive online help function further assists you, making the manual a rarely used item. Programs can be copied between two labcyclers via a cable, making it easy to keep several of them „in line“.

Of course there is an automatic restart after a failure of the power line. The program will continue with the last denaturation step to prevent false annealing.

Thermoblock 96 Alu deep well 100 µl

With the unique quick block changing system, a block change takes one hand and ten seconds.

All thermoblocks have their own proces-sor with 6 separately controlled peltier elements for extraordinary temperature uniformity at high heating and cooling rates.

The temperature measuring system is entirely in the block and continuously self-calibrating, ensuring precise and identical operation of a block in any machine.

96 well alu block
EchoClean Organic Solvent DNA Cleanup

One step cleanup kit for the removal of inhibitory activities and impurities from prepurified samples of DNA > 50 bp. Efficiently removes salt, detergent, nucleotides, primers, proteins/enzymes and many other inhibitors of downstream applications. Suitable for DNA fragments, plasmid DNA and genomic DNA.

Only one purification step, ready in just 3 minutes.

EchoCLEAN kits are based on the principle of reverse chromatography, where impurities like salt, detergent, proteins and dNTPs are removed by the column material and the purified nucleic acid is collected in the flow-through in just one single centrifugation step. This convenient procedure enables a significantly faster purification of nucleic acid samples than standard bind-wash-elute procedures, with less handling, drastically reduced plastic consumable usage and no use of hazardous materials like chaotropic salts or organic solvents.
When using EchoCLEAN kits the recovery of nucleic acids is close to 100% since there is no loss of DNA caused by the binding to a carrier material. In comparison, binding to e.g. a silica membrane in bind-wash elute procedures will cause a loss of up to 30% of the target nucleic acid material. Also, traces of chaotropic salt and ethanol are usually coeluted with these purification procedures, which often leads to inhibition of real-time PCR experiments. Since EchoCLEAN kits do not contain any chaotropic salts, organic solvents or EDTA, a superior performance is seen in real-time PCR, even with undiluted samples.

Because of the reverse chromatography principle, there is no limitation to the amount of DNA that is cleaned up. Maximum sample volume is 100 µl. The purified nucleic acid is eluted in low mM tris buffer, pH 8,2 and can immediately be used for downstream applications.


Art No | 012-107
In-situ Block
4'100.00 CHF
4'100.00 CHF
Art No | 012-102
Thermoblock 48, Silver

Silver block 48 wells (0.5 ml), gradient capable

4'100.00 CHF
4'100.00 CHF
Art No | 012-103
Thermoblock 96, Silver

Silver block 96 wells (0.2 ml), gradient capable

4'100.00 CHF
4'100.00 CHF
Art No | 012-104
Triple Block (incl. Lids), Aluminum

Aluminum block 3x 21 wells (0.2 ml), non gradient capable

5'300.00 CHF
5'300.00 CHF
Art No | 012-201
Passive Lid for 1x21 (0.2 ml) wells

3 Lids are necessary for Triple Block application

220.00 CHF
220.00 CHF
Art No | 012-101
Thermoblock 384, Silver

Silver block 384 wells, gradient capable

4'400.00 CHF
4'400.00 CHF
750.00 CHF
750.00 CHF
55.00 CHF
55.00 CHF
3'150.00 CHF
3'150.00 CHF

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