Linear shaker SSL2 (complete with platform) – Witec AG

Art No | SSL2
3'060.00 CHF
3'060.00 CHF

Powerful yet quiet – perfect for continuous use applications


  • Digital microprocessor-controlled speed provides consistent mixing
  • Soft-start motor prevents spills and splashes
  • Built-in digital timer and continuous operation mode increase versatility
  • Fully adjustable cradle system accommodates most Erlenmeyer flasks and bottles

These linear reciprocating-action shakers feature adjustable speed and fixed stroke length for simple and effective gentle to vigorous mixing. Adjust the securing bars on the cradle-type platform both vertically and horizontally to fit nearly any flask or bottle. Secure up to twelve 250-mL, nine 500-mL, four 1-L, or two 2-L vessels.

Set digital timer from 1 to 999 minutes; shaker stops and sounds an alert when the counter reaches zero. Shaker is capable of continuous use, and the microprocessor maintains speed accuracy over long runs.


Antylia Scientific (formerly Cole-Parmer)
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