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Art No | BCS-166
CFT30 CoolBox

Holds 30 cryogenic vials, with "gripping" wells for one-hand vial opening/closing

692.00 CHF
Art No | BCS-133
M30 CoolBox System

CoolBox ice-free systems are bench top cooling workstations that provide sample cooling or freezing without ice, electricity or batteries.

621.00 CHF
Art No | BCS-130
CoolBox 30 System, purple

Size: 3 Boxes

Build your own ice-free cooling or freezing system for microfuge tubes and cryogenic vials

291.00 CHF
Art No | BCS-131
CoolBox 30 Freezing Cartrigde

Size: 3 Boxes

The CoolBox 30 Freezing Cartridge provides up to 6 hours of freezing with lid on and up to 3 hours with lid off in CoolBox 30 systems.

234.00 CHF
Art No | BCS-132
CoolBox 30 Cooling Cartrigde

Size: 3/PK

The CoolBox 30 Cooling Cartridge provides up to 10 hours of 0.5 to 4℃ cooling with lid on and up to 4 hours with lid off in CoolBox 30 systems

229.00 CHF

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